Crunching the Numbers behind Fordham’s Start


The non-conference portion of the schedule is in the books. A10 play starts on Wednesday against Davidson. To date, the Fordham Rams are riding high with  a surprising 12-1 record. Time to take a closer look at the numbers behind this encouraging beginning at Rose Hill. Numbers are courtesy of 


Possessions: 71. Keith Urgo’s group has the 66th fastest tempo in Division I. Above 70 possessions is decidedly uptempo and the Rams appear to be comfortable at that pace. Should be interesting to see how the tempo might alter come A10 play. 


Offensive Efficiency: 100

Defensive Efficiency: 101

This warrants another look. Their efficiency margin (EM) (offense minus defense) is minus one. Normally teams in the red in EM are .500 or below not .923. A closer look at their efficiency breakdown is a story for another day. Let’s just say the offense is good while the defense is allowing too high an efficiency.  


eFG Pct: 53%

Def. EFG Pct: 46%

Fordham is proficient at shooting and defending. The latter mark ranks 50th in the nation. 


FT Rate: 41%

DEF FT Rate: 27%

Numbers show the Rams doing a good job on getting to the line and keeping the opposition off it as much as possible.


OREB Pct: 29%

Def. OREB Pct: 24%

Coming out positive in this area is important. Offensive rebounds extend possessions. Naturally you want them offensively. On the defensive end you do not want to give the opposition second, or third chances, Offensive rebounds and also lead to foul situations. Total rebounds are often studied but the offensive boards are vital and not to be overlooked or undervalued.  


TO Rate: 21%

Def. TO Rate: 19%

Rams are on the negative side in the turnover category. You want to keep your TO percentage under 20 on offense and above it on defense. Fordham falls short on both ends and may need to address that.  


Key players: 


Darius Quisenberry 18.1 ppg- The Rams leading scorer utilizes 22% of the team possessions. The 6’2” guard paces the Rams with a 122 offensive rating.  


Khalid Moore 15.8 ppg- Uses the highest amount of possessions, 25%, on the team. The 6’7” senior is showing an offensive rating of 109.


Kyle Rose 9.7 ppg. A 6’4” junior, Rose uses 18% of the possessions with a 108 offensive rating. 


Combined, Quisenberry 26%, Moore 25% and Rose 21%, are taking 72% of Fordham’s shots and account for 44% of the scoring. A consistent complimentary threat needs to step up. 

Style: Fordham will push the ball but not helter skelter. They shoot 36% from three which is favorable considering 44% of their attempts are beyond the arc. They need better care of the ball to limit turnovers. On the defensive side, as noted, they are limiting opponents in field goal percentage. They do not force many turnovers and take care of the blackboard. As noted, it’s a great start with the lone loss at Arkansas over a month ago on November 11. Conference play, with a visit by Davidson is eagerly anticipated by the Rams and those following and surprised by their non-conference progression.