Saint Louis

Recap: SLU vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff

For the first time since the 1994-95 season, the SLU basketball team has surpassed 100 points in a game. To me, I think that pretty much shows what time of game it was for the Bills. And yes, it was a good one. But no, they didn’t play anyone special at all. They played Arkansas-Pine Bluff who is one of the weaker programs in all of Division 1.

SLU got it done from the get-go. With their ferocious defense, it fluserted the heck out of APB. From the tip off, you could tell that it would be a lopsided game, and that came true.

Hasahn French, the stud big man made his season appearance. To start, guess what, he made a free-throw! Yes, you did read that correctly, he did in fact hit a free throw. Anyway, he posted 15 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists, on 7-8 shooting. A very nice, fluid performance in his first game back.

Then, pretty much everyone else had a strong game as well. His partner in crime, Jordan Goodwin, dropped 15 points as well. Fellow starter Javonte Perkins had 15 also. Yuri Collins, the floor general (who is a must watch passer), had 6. And then the dead-eye shooter, Gibson Jimerson, added in another 12 points.

Coming off the bench, Jimmy Bell Jr. had 8, Terrence Hargrove Jr had 7, and then, from the rest on out, most every other guy added some points as well.

It’s just good to see SLU putting away opponents from the moment the game starts. I certainly don’t want to jinx, but but this year could just be different for SLU and SLU fans.

Will they appear in the AP Top-25 on Monday? Only time will tell!