Flyers ready to take off for Spain

With college basketball season quickly approaching, the Dayton Flyers hope to improve their team by traveling out of the country. Archie Miller and his Flyers will leave for a trip to Spain on Friday, August 5th. The entire roster will make the trip which should allow for more bonding time and team chemistry.

The Flyers plan to spend half of their time in Madrid and the other half in Barcelona. Dayton will play two professional teams during their 10 day trip. College basketball teams are only allowed to make these trips once every four years, so the opportunity is always special. If everything goes as planned, True Team will gain a lot of basketball experience, grow even closer together, and have the chance to see some pretty cool places.

Grant Kelly is a sophomore finance and marketing major at the University of Dayton. He has been attending college basketball games since birth and has...