Snow Ball: Atlantic 10 is getting hit hard by the winter weather

One of the top stories early this morning on Sportscenter wasn’t a traditional highlight for the Atlantic 10 conference, but rather a staunch reminder that Mother Nature doesn’t care about getting to a basketball game on time.

On their way home from a win at George Mason, the entire Duquesne team and staff got stuck overnight in the Pennsylvania turnpike, right in the heart of a major blizzard hitting the east coast. Just to gain some perspective, here’s what it looked like:

You can check out a more detailed look at this difficult, yet hilarious mess here.

But Duquesne wasn’t the only school affected by this giant storm. Three other A10 games were cancelled for today, including Davidson-Richmond, St. Bonaventure-VCU and St. Joe’s-La Salle. Both the SJU-LAS and SBU-VCU games have been moved to Sunday while the DAV-RICH game is now set for Monday evening.

While we do not yet know how this will fully effect each of the teams, we do know that they’re getting no extra rest. Duquesne and La Salle play on Tuesday, and likely will have just one or no days to practice before the matchup.

The priority is obviously getting these guys fed and home safely. As of right now, the Dukes appear to be scraping by:

But they may not be getting out anytime soon:

Stay safe guys! Hopefully the team can get out of the mess and to safety ASAP. The Dominoes pizza would undoubtably be a bonus as well.

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