Come on man!

Yesterday was another crazy day of A10 hoops and I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching some very entertaining games.  However, my bets sucked serious ass and I woke up this morning with a serious hangover.  I hung out with my old friend Evan Williams last night and we lamented over some bad beats and crazy games and swore we’d never be dumb enough to bet on basketball again.  At least until next week.

Sam Elliot sums up my evening perfectly right here:

  • Just for the record, I didn’t know Brian Sullivan wasn’t going to play against UMass yesterday when I decided to take Davidson to cover.  I’m not trying to make excuses but WTF man!  Thankfully Jack Gibbs went H.A.M., scoring 43 points with 8 boards and 8 assists and Davidson got the push.
  • The UR/VCU game was the latest incredible game in a rivalry that has really picked up some juice in the past couple of years.  The overtime win for VCU was huge for the Rams but that game very easily could have gone to the Spiders.  The passion and intensity of both teams was incredible to witness.  It was also really refreshing to hear players from both teams talk about the level of respect they have for each other after the game.  Just another great game between two rivals sharing the same city.  Highlights don’t do this one justice:

  • Freaking Rhody killed me yesterday!  I just finished watching that game again and the Rams could have easily covered that one but they had were inconsistent in the second half and Johnnie Shuler, a 33% shooter from 3-point range, hit 5 out of 7 shots from behind the big boy line.  My reaction to this developmentimages-3
  • Saint Joe’s beat the pants off of Fordham and DeAndre Bembry showed everybody why is a freaking boss.  I love watching that guy hoop.  Fans across the conference need to go see him play.  He is always worth the price of admission.
  • I really don’t want to even discuss the Bona loss at Duquesne.  I KNEW that was a trap game and I still took the Bonnies to cover the 3.  That is just dumbass thinking on my part and it came back to bite me in the ass when the Dukes went off in the final 8 minutes of the game and not only covered but came away with the 95-88 victory.  Tough loss for Bona but not as bad as many will make it out to be.  Duquesne is tough at home.  Just ask Dayton.

A 1-3 result on the day had me spitting in the wind for a while last night.  Like I said earlier, I’ll never bet on hoops again.  At least until next week.

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