A-10 Blog Poll: Flyers jump Colonials, La Salle sinks

It’s been roughly three weeks since our last blog poll and I’m happy to report there has actually been a bit of movement, all-be-it not that much. VCU remains a solid No.1 according to our conference bloggers while La Salle has taken the largest plunge. And while they are technically the same spot they were three weeks ago, we are sad to report the Fordham Rams are now a unanimous No.14.

Let’s get into it.

1. VCU (5*) (high 1, low 2) – “Assuming Tre Graham is healthy, and improved consistency and production from role players – there isn’t a better team in the conference.” – Jeff Horne
2. Dayton (2*) (high 1, low 2) – “Small ball is getting it done. The Flyers are a matchup nightmare right now for the rest of the league with a starting five that moves the ball and plays solid team defense.” – Brian Keiper
3. George Washington (high 3, low 4) – “4-1 makes them my obligatory 3 this time around, but their struggles against weak teams gives me concerns.” – Steve DiMiceli
4. Davidson (high 3, low 5) – “Davidson is 0-3 in the state of Virginia. Can Mason make it 0-4 on January 24th? Doubtful. Would be wild though!” – Mat Shelton-Eide
5. Rhode Island (high 4, low 6) – “This was a brutal week for the Rams as they are a couple of plays from being 5-0 instead of 3-2. Matthews and Martin are two of the best players in the conference.” – Brian Keiper
6. Richmond (high 4, low 10) – “If the Spiders could figure out a way to get some wins on the road, they could be a real problem for the rest of the conference.” – Brian Keiper
7. UMass (high 7, low 9) – “It hasn’t been pretty, but the Minutemen have toughed out 3 wins in 4 games.” – Sam Taylor
8. St. Bonaventure (high 8, low 9) – “When Youssou Ndoye shows up to play, the Bonnies could beat anyone on this list.” – Alan Kelly
9. La Salle (high 9, low 10) – “I can’t get a good feel for this team right now. Sometimes good, sometimes bottom four material” – Steve DiMiceli
10. Saint Joseph’s (high 11, low 13) – “The Hawks rank 13th in the conference in points per game, field goal, and 3-point percentage. Deandre Bembry has elevated his play to all-conference levels but SJU desperately needs a shooter and a consistent post presence.” – Chase Harrison
11. Saint Louis (high 11, low 13) – “The Billikens have played a brutal A-10 schedule so far. Let’s see if they can rack up some wins in the next few weeks.” – Sam Taylor
12. Duquesne (high 11, low 14) – “Almost beat both Rhode Island and VCU but have three losses to sub-200 kenpom teams. Duquesne is like a box of chocolates.” – Mat Shelton-Eide
13. George Mason (high 12, low 14) – “Paul Hewitt’s Little Bighorn is coming soon.” – Alan Kelly
14. Fordham (high 14, low 14) – “Yikes! Young team but they’ve only played one close game in 5.” – Steve DiMiceli

Mat Shelton-Eide has been involved in college athletics since 2007, starting as a co-founder of where he covered the Rams all the way...
These feels totally right, except for Dayton getting getting votes for #1 :)