Kenpom releases preseason ratings: VCU, Dayton & Richmond top-3 in A-10

Fans love sites like and (and hopefully our site one day as well). But the folks who write for those outlets most likely all have among their most used bookmarks.

Ken Pomeroy — an instructor of atmospheric science in his spare time — keeps fans, writers and analysts up to date with the best advanced statistics throughout the year. His “tempo-free” stats for every D1 team have made him the Bill James of college basketball, and he’s back with another batch of preseason ratings to have hoops heads addicted until the end of another D1 season.

Below are his preseason ratings based off his statistical information. We highly encourage you to go get yourself a subscription to his site to have access to this valuable information on your team throughout the season (not to mention an explanation of his preseason rankings). A-10 Preseason Rankings (national ranking)

1. VCU (17)
2. Dayton (50)
3. Richmond (51)
4. George Washington (62)
5. UMass (74)
6. Saint Louis (81)
7. Saint Joseph’s (90)
8. La Salle (101)
9. Rhode Island (105)
10. Saint Bonaventure (107)
11. Duquesne (124)
12. George Mason (138)
13. Davidson (139)
14. Fordham (154)

For those of you too lazy to do the math, that would give the Atlantic 10 seven valuable “top-100” programs with a number of others right on the fringe. The league finished last season with eight KenPom top-100 teams prior to sending six teams to the 2014 NCAA Tournament.

KenPom’s computers agree with the official A-10 preseason poll on only VCU, St. Bonaventure, Duquesne and Fordham.

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