Why each of the NFL’s 32 teams should sign Mo Alie-Cox

Like many other graduating college basketball players, VCU’s Mo Alie-Cox is hoping to make it in the pros. But in what sport you may ask? Well, that’s not so clear. The 6-7, 250 lb. senior is built like an NFL tight end, and it turns out he might just chase that opportunity. It was announced back in late March that Mo Alie-Cox would work out with NFL teams this Spring. The idea of Alie-Cox becoming a tight end apparently came from Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys; Witten told the VCU star that he had an NFL body and should try out football. And here we are. According to a statement by the NFL, Alie-Cox was eligible for last year’s NFL Draft, and since the conclusion, has remained a free agent who can sign with a team immediately.

Alie-Cox will begin workouts with NFL teams this month. As an Atlantic 10 fan who knows little about the NFL, I want Mo Alie-Cox to be signed. First of all, it’d be the coolest story ever for the Atlantic 10. Second of all, it gives VCU, a school that lacks a football team, an excuse to tune in every Sunday. Though my knowledge is limited, I’m going to do my best to convince every NFL team why you need Mo Alie-Cox on your roster. If there are any NFL scouts reading this, please actually take this with a grain of salt (or don’t, what do I care?).

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore had the tight end with the most receptions in the league last season. Dennis Pitta’s pretty good, but don’t you think the guy needs a break? Let Mo Alie-Cox come in and run the opposing linemen over. Seriously though Baltimore, you’ve gotta add some diversity and spread the ball around to some different tight ends.

Cincinnati Bengals

Last time I checked, Cincinnati is pretty close to Dayton. Assuming the Bengals make the playoffs next season, Mo Alie-Cox might be able to make a quick detour and help his Rams take down the Flyers on the road.

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland, you went 1-15 last season. I ask you this: what do you have to lose? Give this guy a chance! If you can justify signing Johnny Manziel, then you can justify signing Mo Alie-Cox.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh’s best tight end last season was Jesse James after accumulating 338 yards. Who? Mo Alie-Cox had more blocks as a freshman than this guy had receptions last year. Get Alie-Cox to the Steelers.

Houston Texans

You currently have the biggest and baddest dude in the league in J.J. Watt. Why not add to that arsenal with a guy like Mo Alie-Cox? Maybe even switch him over to defense. Imagine that defensive line coming after you…

Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck should be the first to know that Alie-Cox can catch a football almost as well as a full court pass.

Jacksonville Jaguars

It’s Jacksonville. The Jaguars need all the help they can get…

Tennessee Titans

The Titans ranked 25th in passing yards last season, which is quite awful. Throw Alie-Cox into the mix, and that number might shoot up significantly. I just can’t picture Mo wearing a light blue and white uniform…

Buffalo Bills

Mo Alie-Cox has had plenty of experience chewing up frontcourts in Olean. Enough said.

Miami Dolphins

Heck, I’d go to Miami to play football. Talk about a nice place to live…

New England Patriots

What’s better than an incredible comeback, a breath-taking catch, and a quarterback who’s making a case to be the best player of all time? Honestly, not much. But if you threw Mo Alie-Cox in the mix, it adds to the story.

New York Jets

The Jets’ tight ends were awful last season. Their best TE had 10 receptions in 2016. Are you serious? If New York decides to sign Alie-Cox, I think he’ll be an immediate starter on this team.

Denver Broncos

Known as an esteemed defensive team, Denver could use Mo Alie-Cox on the other side of the ball as well. Put him on the defensive line, or sub him in for Von Miller when he gets tired. Because Mo Alie-Cox doesn’t get tired.

Kansas City Chiefs

I’d love to see Travis Kelce and Mo Alie-Cox go head-to-head. They’re both some big dudes. While I’m sure Kelce could probably outwork Mo on the football field, he won’t want to show his face in a basketball gym when Alie-Cox gets through with that game of 1-on1.

Los Angeles Chargers

I almost cringed reading “Los Angeles” in front of the Chargers. I forgot that was new. Anyway, this team is pretty bland and I don’t have much to say about it. Maybe don’t draft Mo Alie-Cox… Besides, VCU fans are quite sick of being sent out to the West Coast if you know what I mean…

Las Vegas Raiders

Again, this team name is tripping me up. If you want to find some luck in Vegas, you bet on the team that’s got the 6-6 former basketball forward who played in 4 NCAA Tournaments. That’s just what you do.

Chicago Bears

Put Mo Alie-Cox at quarterback. Even he’d be better than that guy Jay Cutler.

Detroit Lions

Jim Caldwell is just 2-4 in the postseason. He could probably learn a thing or two from a guy that comes from a program that made the Final Four back in 2011.

Green Bay Packers

Doing the Lambeau Leap isn’t too difficult when you’re a former collegiate basketball player…

Minnesota Vikings

Mo Alie-Cox could be the next Adrian Peterson, but you didn’t hear it from me. Might as well play in Minnesota.

Atlanta Falcons

Maybe if you had a tight end with the build of Mo Alie-Cox, you wouldn’t blow a 28-3 lead…

Carolina Panthers

Something tells me Mo would be a great fit with Carolina. Greg Olsen could show the young gun the ways. Cam Newton is a good quarterback that likes to throw to his tight end. I think this would be a good move.

New Orleans Saints

That guy Jimmy Graham used to play basketball as well. Look at him now. New Orleans: if you want to be successful in the league again, go with what worked in the past! Sign the basketball player!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I’m thinking of the pirate ship firing off its canon every time Mo Alie-Cox catches a touchdown pass, and it’s the coolest thing in the world. Hey Tampa Bay, make this happen.

Dallas Cowboys

So Tony Romo is out to become an analyst, which means a spot has opened up on the roster. Jason Witten was the one who said Mo Alie-Cox would be a good tight end. Let’s see if Witten will fight for his guy.

New York Giants

I mean, if all else fails, New York at least has a good mascot that fits the “giant” role pretty well.

Philadelphia Eagles

I wonder how many guys on La Salle and Saint Joseph’s Mo Alie-Cox blocked throughout his career at VCU. Will the city ever forgive him enough to let him play? That’s the real question.

Washington Redskins

Right in the backyard of the Siegel Center (kind of), it’d be easy for VCU fans to drive up and see their former Ram play in the NFL. If we’re trying to get a new fanbase out to football games, Washington is the move.

Arizona Cardinals

The Rams didn’t get a chance to go to this year’s Final Four in Phoenix, but Alie-Cox could still make a splash in Arizona.

Los Angeles Rams

Pretty sure this one is self-explanatory.

San Francisco 49ers

2 wins last year? Sign Mo Alie-Cox. You need to do something to turn the tide.

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle like to get loud, and no one plays better in a loud arena than Mo Alie-Cox (just ask all the fans at the Siegel Center). Also, Mo and Jimmy Graham could bond over basketball.

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