Jan 10, 2020
St.Bonaventure faithful expected a tough battle, destined to go to the wire. Marquette matched the Bonnies with an unblemished ledger entering the Charleston Classic final. This was to be a battle not for the faint of heart. Both teams showed they were capable of coming back from double figure deficits. This had the making of what former Marquette coach the late Al McGuire would classify a ‘white knuckler’. 
In the end, the adoring and rapid Bona fans were misguided- same as many of us. St. Bonaventure dominated Marquette 70-54 to capture the classic. The score was not even indicative of the rout.  
The numbers:
Possessions:74- a little on the side of Marquette’s tempo but not really a factor in the final analysis.
Offensive efficiency: St. Bona 95, Marquette 73
Bona had an offensive dropoff from the Clemson game where they posted a 110 on offense. The greatest significance lies in the 73 defensive efficiency. Not surprising it was not only their best mark of the tournament but...

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