Atlantic 10 Tuesday Games: 1/14/20


Nov 12, 2019
Two important Atlantic 10 Games Today:

Richmond @ Davidson (-4.5)
VCU @ Dayton (-8)

Vegas still really likes Davidson, but the Wildcats have yet to lose at home... I kind of like Richmond +4.5 considering how much Davidson has struggled with Richmond in the past. This would be a win that gets the Spiders back on track -- both teams could really use it. VCU and Dayton is obviously one of the best games in league play this year, but I'm not sure it will be too competitive unless the Rams get their offense going. Keeping up with Dayton and Obi Toppin (who I believe will be playing today) isn't easy.


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Dec 5, 2019
Here we are. The day I've had marked on my calendar for weeks. I'll be in attendance tonight doing my fair share of eliminating the Dayton arena Bud Light reserves. In all seriousness, I have absolutely no idea what to expect tonight. My "eye test" tells me the Flyers have played well but not their best basketball at home this season. Will VCU come out with something to prove, will the Flyers come out with something to prove, is Obi 100%? Lots of question marks about this game, all I know is that the arena will be LOWD and I will be wearing red. Go Flyers !!

Pick: VCU +9 (but a Dayton victory)

Edit: @ Grant: I see the rationale behind Dayton -8. It must be history or the expectations of a casual Flyers season that have me pessimistic about this being a double digit win for the Flyers. (I took VCU +9 about as soon as I could grab it). Hoping you are right and I am wrong, but I will be just as pleased with a Flyer victory regardless.
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Nov 25, 2019
St. Bonaventure
Why are we even bothering with the regular season? Dayton's next 4 games are @SLU, vs. Bona's, @Richmond and @Duquesne. If they win those next 4 games, they're likely going 18-0. The only other possible losses, barring an absolute brain fart, are at VCU and at Rhody.