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Breaking: A10 Inks New Media Deal With Flo Hoops

The Atlantic 10 Conference is moving its media viewing experiences to Flo Hoops, a college basketball subscription service. Flo Hoops has long showcased the best that college basketball has to offer, such as the CAA and Cayman Islands Classic, and the A10 could not be more excited to join such an elite broadcasting service of college basketball.

“The Atlantic 10 is ecstatic about joining forces with Flo Hoops”, said Commissioner Bernadette McGlade, “Flo Hoops is growing stronger as a media platform over the past few seasons and will eventually host the Final Four and National Championship games, just you wait and see.”

We interviewed Flo Hoops senior vice president Michael Gunter about the agreement.

“We have been eyeing the A10 for a while here at Flo Hoops. We saw the potential when Fordham and La Salle defeated Dayton in 2021 and then when Richmond won the conference tournament in 2022 as a 6 seed, which knocked out the Flyers from the NCAA tournament. Only the sickest conference in the country would bracket-bust one of their own teams out of the NCAA Tournament. Not to mention, the addition of Loyola-Chicago, one of the most successful programs in the Missouri Valley, just to finish in dead last, is disgustingly beautiful. The cherry on top was when the A10 got one bid this past season. We knew we needed these people on our platform ASAP.”

With this extension of adding the A10, Flo Hoops will be broadcasting all A10 conference games with, what the league is told from Flo Hoops executives, state of the art broadcasting equipment, which includes the Panasonic Digital Palmcorder VHS-C Camcorders (pictured below). This is what Flo Hoops has been broadcasting for years, and the A10 saw that opportunity to better the fan experience.

“We saw the wild scenes from the La Salle broadcast team at Tom Gola Arena, and we needed to replicate that” said Gunter, “When you have to be on the edge of your seat to guess if the buzzer beater went in on the other half of the court, we knew this would fit with our current quality of broadcasting equipment. That’s what you want. That’s the ultimate Flo Hoops experience.”

Fans over the years with the CAA gave great reviews of their experience with Flo Hoops broadcasting some of their games. “It’s a Godsend”, said Stony Brook super fan Chip McMurray, “You don’t know the score most of the time, but that’s what makes the games fun. The score guess is part of the experience.”

We caught up with College of Charleston Head Coach Pat Kelsey and his comments about the A10 joining the conference. “Is UMass still in the league?” asked Kelsey. “If so, I think I’m ready to commit to staying here as long as UMass will be around.”

Not too long after this interview, Kelsey was seen hurrying out of his office while wheeling a suitcase and carrying a USPS box with personal items in it.

Flo Hoops is currently priced at $29.99 per month, however Gunter assured us that this will significantly change with the addition of the A10.

“Fans will get the choice of subscribing to each game for $9.99, monthly for $39.99, or the entire season for $249.99. There will also be a sicko-surcharge of $1.99 added on for every game in which a team under .500 beats the current top team in the standings.”

We believed these were steep prices, but the A10 confirmed that these are reasonable compared to other leagues.

“People might think these prices don’t make too much sense, but you can’t put a price on the Atlantic 10. I mean, how often do you get to see VCU win 6 in a row just to lose at home to 14-18 St. Bonaventure? That’s chaos. That’s A10 basketball.”

A10 basketball will begin broadcasting on Flo Hoops starting next season. The deal runs through the 2039 season.



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