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Week 15 A-10 Women’s Basketball Power Rankings

What a week! It’s the 11th hour of the regular season, we have a change at the top, thanks to UMass’ dominant 21-point road win over Rhode Island! Furthermore, it’s a big week for the Georges, as GW climbs to their highest-ever ranking in the history of this poll, as the Colonials move up to this week, while Mason is back in the top 10 after a very impressive road win at Fordham! Both of the Revolutionary Rivals looks poised to make some noise in Wilmington! We have one final week left in the regular season, and 14 of the 15 tournament seeds have yet to be determined (Loyola Chicago has clinched the 15-seed) and there’s a lot left to play for, including the A-10 crown!

Here’s a look most recent A-10 standings:

1. UMass

Previous rank:

Record: 23-4 (13-1)

Past week: W at Rhode Island, W vs Davidson

Upcoming games: 2/22 at Saint Louis, 2/25 vs George Washington


2. Rhode Island

Previous rank:

Record: 22-4 (13-1)

Past week: L vs UMass, W at Saint Joseph’s

Upcoming games: 2/22 at Fordham, 2/25 vs Dayton


3. George Washington

Previous rank: #T-4

Record: 17-10 (9-5)

Past week: W vs Loyola Chicago

Upcoming games: 2/22 vs Davidson, 2/25 at UMass


4. Saint Joseph’s

Previous rank: #T-4

Record: 18-8 (8-6)

Past week: W at Davidson, L vs Rhode Island

Upcoming games: 2/22 at George Mason, 2/25 vs Duquesne


5. Fordham

Previous rank:

Record: 16-11 (8-6)

Past Week: L at La Salle, L vs George Mason

Upcoming games: 2/22 vs Rhode Island, 2/25 at Davidson


6. Saint Louis

Previous rank:

Record: 12-17 (8-6)

Past week: L at Richmond, W vs La Salle

Upcoming games: 2/22 vs UMass, 2/25 at Loyola Chicago


7. La Salle

Previous rank:

Record: 16-12 (7-6)

Past week: W vs Fordham, L at Saint Louis

Upcoming games: 2/22 at Dayton, 2/25 vs VCU


8. George Mason

Previous rank:

Record: 14-14 (7-8)

Past week: W at Loyola Chicago, W at Fordham

Upcoming games: 2/22 vs Saint Joseph’s


9. Richmond

Previous rank:

Record: 16-9 (6-6)

Past week: W vs Saint Louis, L at Duquesne

Upcoming games: 2/22 at VCU, 2/25 vs St. Bonaventure


10. Duquesne

Previous rank:

Record: 17-10 (7-7)

Past week: W at St. Bonaventure, W vs Richmond

Upcoming games: 2/22 vs Loyola Chicago, 2/25 at Saint Joseph’s


11. Davidson

Previous rank:

Record: 12-14 (5-7)

Past week: L vs Saint Joseph’s, L at UMass

Upcoming games: 2/22 at George Washington, 2/25 vs Fordham


12. Dayton

Previous rank: #T-12

Record: 5-19 (4-9)

Past week: W at VCU

Upcoming games: 2/22 vs La Salle, 2/25 at Rhode Island


13. VCU

Previous rank: #T-12

Record: 7-19 (4-10)

Past week: L vs Dayton, L at St. Bonaventure

Upcoming games: 2/22 vs Richmond, 2/25 at La Salle


14. St. Bonaventure

Previous rank:

Record: 6-24 (3-12)

Past week: L vs Duquesne, W vs VCU

Upcoming games: 2/25 at Richmond


15. Loyola Chicago

Previous rank:

Record: 6-21 (1-13)

Past week: L vs George Mason, L at George Washington

Upcoming games: 2/22 at Duquesne, 2/25 vs Saint Louis

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