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Week 15 A-10 Women’s Basketball Power Rankings

Welcome to the final week of the regular season! The finish line is in sight, and there’s still a lot to be decided! The A-10 regular season crown may well come down to the last day of the season between Dayton and Rhode Island, as we get round 2 from UD Arena coming up! VCU has also both clinched top-four seed in the A-10 Tournament, while UMass can clinch with a win on Wednesday. Everything else is very much still up for grabs, and even George Mason has the opportunity to move up in the standings if they beat both Saint Louis and St. Bonaventure, and the Bonnies lose on Wednesday to Rhode Island.

Should be a fun week!!!

Here’s a look most recent A-10 standings:


1. Dayton

Previous rank:

Record: 21-4 (12-1)

Past week: W at Rhode Island, W at Fordham

Upcoming games: 2/23 at Saint Joseph’s, 2/26 vs Rhode Island


2. Rhode Island

Previous rank:

Record: 21-4 (11-1)

Past week: L vs Dayton, W at Richmond

Upcoming games: 2/23 vs St. Bonaventure, 2/26 at Dayton


3. UMass

Previous rank:

Record: 21-6 (9-4)

Past week: W vs Fordham, L at Davidson

Upcoming games:  2/23 vs VCU, 2/26 at Saint Louis


4. VCU

Previous rank:

Record: 14-8 (9-3)

Past week: W vs St. Bonaventure, W at George Mason

Upcoming games: 2/23 at UMass, 2/26 vs Richmond


5. Fordham

Previous rank:

Record: 16-8 (7-5)

Past week: L at UMass, L vs Dayton

Upcoming games: 2/23 at Richmond, 2/26 vs Davidson


6. La Salle

Previous rank:

Record: 14-11 (7-6)

Past week: W vs Davidson, W vs Saint Louis

Upcoming games: 2/23 vs Duquesne, 2/26 at George Washington


7. Davidson

Previous rank:

Record: 14-12 (5-9)

Past week: L at La Salle, W vs UMass

Upcoming games: 2/23 vs George Washington, 2/26 at Fordham


8. Richmond

Previous rank:

Record: 14-13 (5-9)

Past week: L at Duquesne, L vs Rhode Island

Upcoming games: 2/23 vs Fordham, 2/26 at VCU


9. Duquesne

Previous rank:

Record: 11-15 (6-8)

Past week: W vs Richmond, W at St. Bonaventure

Upcoming games: 2/23 at La Salle, 2/26 vs Saint Joseph’s


10. Saint Joseph’s

Previous rank:

Record: 10-15 (6-7)

Past week: L at Saint Louis, W vs George Washington

Upcoming games: 2/23 vs Dayton, 2/26 at Duquesne


11. Saint Louis

Previous rank:

Record: 8-16 (4-8)

Past week: L at George Washington, W vs Saint Joseph’s, L at La Salle

Upcoming games: 2/23 at George Mason, 2/26 vs UMass


12. St. Bonaventure

Previous rank:

Record: 12-13 (4-10)

Past week: L at VCU, L vs Duquesne

Upcoming games: 2/23 at Rhode Island, 2/26 vs George Mason


13. George Washington

Previous rank:

Record: 9-14 (2-8)

Past week: W vs Saint Louis, W vs George Mason, L at Saint Joseph’s

Upcoming games: 2/23 at Davidson, 2/26 vs La Salle


14. George Mason

Previous rank:

Record: 8-17 (2-11)

Past week: L at George Washington, L vs VCU

Upcoming games: 2/23 vs Saint Louis, 2/26 at St. Bonaventure


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