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Week 12 A-10 Women’s Basketball Power Rankings

February is upon us! As we head into the final month of the regular season, there is some pretty significant shuffling this week! Rhode Island retains their spot atop the rankings, although they were not unanimous this week, with Dayton picking up a vote! Major shoutout to George Mason, as the Patriots snapped a 24-game losing streak against A-10 opponents, taking down rival GW on Saturday! We’re getting now into the meat of the schedule, as the conference remains alive for at-large bids with Dayton, Rhode Island and Fordham all still in the running!

Here’s a look most recent A-10 standings:


1. Rhode Island

Previous rank:

Record: 16-3 (6-0)

Past week: W at UMass, PPD vs VCU

Upcoming games: 2/2 vs SLU, 2/6 at La Salle


2. Dayton

Previous rank:

Record: 16-3 (7-0)

Past week: W at Richmond, W at Davidson

Upcoming games: 2/2 vs Duquesne, 2/5 vs George Mason


3. Fordham

Previous rank:

Record: 15-5 (6-2)

Past week: W vs Saint Joseph’s, W vs St. Bonaventure

Upcoming games: 2/5 at Duquesne


4. UMass

Previous rank:

Record: 16-6 (4-3)

Past week: L vs Rhode Island, W at Saint Joseph’s

Upcoming games: 2/1 at Dartmouth, 2/5 vs Saint Louis


5. Richmond

Previous rank:

Record: 13-8 (4-4)

Past week: L vs Dayton, W at Saint Louis

Upcoming games: 2/2 vs VCU, 2/5 at St. Bonaventure


6. La Salle

Previous rank:

Record: 11-8 (4-3)

Past week: L at St. Bonaventure, L at Duquesne

Upcoming games: 2/2 vs Saint Joseph’s, 2/4 vs VCU, 2/6 vs Rhode Island


7. Davidson

Previous rank:

Record: 12-7 (3-4)

Past week: W at George Washington, L vs Dayton

Upcoming games: 2/2 vs George Mason, 2/4 vs Saint Joseph’s, 2/6 at Saint Joseph’s


8. VCU

Previous rank:

Record: 8-8 (3-3)

Past week: L vs Saint Louis, PPD at Rhode Island

Upcoming games: 2/2 at Richmond, 2/4 at La Salle, 2/6 vs George Washington


9. Duquesne

Previous rank:

Record: 9-11 (4-4)

Past week: W vs George Mason, W vs La Salle

Upcoming games: 2/2 at Dayton, 2/5 vs Fordham


10. Saint Louis

Previous rank:

Record: 6-11 (2-3)

Past week: W at VCU, L vs Richmond

Upcoming games: 2/2 at Rhode Island, 2/5 at UMass


11. St. Bonaventure

Previous rank:

Record: 10-9 (2-6)

Past week: W vs La Salle, L at Fordham

Upcoming games: 2/2 vs George Washington, 2/5 vs Richmond


12. Saint Joseph’s

Previous rank:

Record: 6-12 (2-4)

Past week: L at Fordham, L vs UMass

Upcoming games: 2/2 at La Salle, 2/4 at Davidson, 2/6 vs Davidson


13. George Mason

Previous rank:

Record: 7-12 (1-6)

Past week: L at Duquesne, W vs George Washington

Upcoming games: 2/2 at Davidson, 2/5 at Dayton


14. George Washington

Previous rank:

Record: 7-12 (0-6)

Past week: L vs Davidson, L at George Mason

Upcoming games: 2/2 at St. Bonaventure, 2/6 at VCU


Daniel Frank is a member of the George Mason Class of 2022. He graduated high school from the Academy For Individual Excellence in Louisville, KY. He ...