THIS JUST IN: The Ship Stuck in the Suez Canal Has Entered the Transfer Portal

It has been an unprecedented year for the transfer portal so far, as over 800 players have already entered their names in the portal. However, the crazy year just got crazier as the Ever Given, the Suezmax cargo ship that is currently stuck sideways in the Suez Canal, has entered its name in the transfer portal, citing a logjam in minutes.

At 400m long and 59m wide, and weighing in at over 200,000 pounds, the ship can muck up the paint almost as well as it can muck up the entire global supply chain. The Ever Given can run into trouble with its lack of agility, and inability to fit in most college gyms. This ship comes with a lot of baggage, but whatever coach takes a chance on it will be getting an absolute haul.

The ship’s decision to enter its name in the transfer portal has created waves for other college players. While little is known of the true nature of the transfer portal, it apparently is not large enough to process a ship of this size, meaning that players who wish to enter their name in the portal will have to wait for the ship to be cleared.


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