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The A10 Talk 2021 Tournament Preview – Abbreviated Version

Hey folks! For those of you that do not have the time to read the novel that was the other preview (found here), I have listed the staff’s predictions and picks by just the team, basically getting down to the nitty-gritty of each pick.

Contributors:  Chris Pyle, Daniel Frank, Anthony Morelli, Jason Boleman, Jack Godar, Grant Hogan, Same Basel, Zach Weiss, Jack Milko, Cole Vulpis


1. Who is your Champion?

Chris – St. Bonaventure

Daniel – VCU

Anthony – VCU

Jason – VCU

Jack G – Saint Louis

Grant – Saint Louis

Zach – Saint Louis

Jack M – St. Bonaventure

Same – Saint Louis

Cole – Saint Louis


2. Who is your dark horse?

Chris – Davidson

Daniel – Richmond

Anthony – Dayton

Jason – Davidson

Jack G – Dayton

Grant – Saint Joseph’s

Zach – Richmond/Duquesne winner

Jack M – Davidson

Sam – VCU

Cole – Dayton


3. Who will get upset in their first game?

Chris – Richmond

Daniel – UMass

Anthony – Davidson

Jason – St. Bonaventure

Jack G – UMass

Grant – UMass

Zach – UMass

Jack M – Richmond

Sam – Richmond

Cole – UMass


4. Which Thursday team can get to Championship Sunday?

Chris – Dayton

Daniel – Dayton

Anthony – Richmond

Jason – Dayton

Jack G – Dayton

Zach – Richmond/Duquesne winner

Grant – Richmond

Jack M – Dayton

Sam – Dayton

Cole – Dayton


5. Can a pillow fight team get past Thursday. If so, who?

Chris – Noo one is getting past Thursday

Daniel – George Washington

Anthony – Saint Joseph’s

Jason – Saint Joseph’s

Jack G – Saint Joseph’s

Grant – Saint Joseph’s

Sam – Saint Joseph’s

Jack M – La Salle

Cole – Saint Joseph’s