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Weekly Rundown and Power Rankings – 1/11/21

The Rundown

Folks….the A10 did it again. They destroyed themselves. What many thought was going to be a beatdown ended up being the shocker of the season as Fordham defeated Dayton at home. It was a night for the Bronx Rams to remember and one for Flyer fans to forget. In the grand scheme of things, it knocked any sort of at large bid left out of Dayton’s hands, and it made the A10 look a lot worse. Dayton would avenge their loss by winning in OT against Davidson on FridA10.

Davidson did win earlier in the week, though, winning on the road at Duquesne. Bona, Richmond, and VCU picked up some wins early on in the week against some lesser opponents, as expected. However, things changed when we got to Saturday. Another upset came about as Rhode Island downed VCU at the Siegel Center. That isn’t exactly a terrible loss for VCU who, along with SLU, are the only two teams that are on track for an at-large bid in the A10, but that loss does qualify as a Quad 3 loss right now seeing that Rhody, as of this day, is #76 in the NET. Rhode Island needs to jump to 75 or higher in order for that loss to be a Quad 2 for VCU.

Other than that, UMass beat La Salle, Richmond picked up another win to go 2-0 for the week, and Saint Joe’s finally got their first win of the season, albeit a non-conference win against Albany.


A10 Talk Power Rankings

  1. Saint Louis
  2. Richmond
  3. VCU
  4. St. Bonaventure
  5. Rhode Island
  6. Dayton
  7. Davidson
  8. UMass
  9. Duquesne
  10. La Salle
  11. George Washington
  12. George Mason
  13. Fordham
  14. St. Joseph’s


The Week Ahead

Monday – No Games

Tuesday – St. Joe’s at Davidson

Wednesday – Duquesne at Dayton, VCU at GW, St. Bona at Fordham, Rhode Island at UMass, La Salle at Mason

Thursday – No Games

FridA10 – Duquesne at St. Bonaventure

Saturday – VCU at Richmond, Mason at Rhode Island

Sunday – Dayton at GW, UMass at Fordham

Postponed – Davidson at SLU