Get to Know Jared Kimbrough

“Get to Know Jared Kimbrough” is the fourth part of a multi-article interview series with incoming players in the A-10. The series gives fans a chance to get to know their newest stars before they take the court.

La Salle hasn’t finished above .500 in A-10 conference play since the 2012-2013 season. But, after the firing of Dr. John Giannini, the hiring of former Villanova assistant Ashley Howard, and the infusion of exiting new talent, the Explorer fanbase is once again hoping for a resurgence that can move them back up the A-10 totem pole. One of those exciting entering players is 6-7 power forward Jared Kimbrough. I got the chance to catch up with Jared, and to see what his thoughts were on the recruiting process, his game, his future at La Salle, and more.

JR: How did you develop as a player in high school?

JK: In high school I was one of the tallest on the team, so as I got taller and stronger I worked on my post play skills and I became a dominant force down low my junior and senior seasons.

JR: When you initially signed with La Salle, what stood out to you about the program that helped you make the decision?

JK: When I first signed with La Salle I signed because of the great coaching staff and the team. When I stepped foot on campus they treated me like family and made me feel at home.

JR: You decided to stay with the program after the firing of John Giannini once you met with new head coach Ashley Howard. What was it about this meeting that reaffirmed your commitment to the program?

JK: The meeting was about what his plans and goals were for the program. But, the meeting was mainly for him to introduce himself to my family and I.

JR:Have you been in contact with the rest of your recruiting class?

JK: Yes I have a great relationship with the guys in my recruiting class.

JR: What do you expect your role to be during your freshman season?

JK: Not really sure what my role will be during the season. All I know is that coach Howard just wants me to play hard and not worry about making mistakes because he knows that the way I play I will definitely make up for those mistakes.

JR: The Explorers haven’t finished above .500 in conference play since 2012-2013. What is Ashley Howard focusing on improving to help the team jump back up the standings?

JK: He really emphasizes playing defense hard and aggressively, 24/7. Coach Howard really makes us work hard in practice, and all that work is going to pay off because we’re going to be the best team in the conference.

JR: What is your biggest strength as a player?

JK: My strengths as a player are my ability to rebound the ball and my great touch around the rim.

JR:What are you trying to improve on this season?

JK: This season I’m working on expanding my range.

JR: What are your goals at La Salle?

JK: My goals at La Salle are to become the best player I can possibly be and to make it big.

Rapid Fire…

What are you planning on studying?

I’m undecided

Favorite NBA player?

James Harden

Favorite NBA team?

Boston Celtics

Favorite pre-game snack?


Favorite song?

Recuperate by Lud Foe

Role Model?

My dad

Favorite TV show?

The Simpsons

Favorite movie?

White Men Can’t Jump

One word to describe yourself?


What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I’m kind of shy.

What’s one thing you want Explorers fans to know about you?

I’m a die hard Patriots and Celtics fan!

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