Davidson’s Jordan Barham and VCU’s Melvin Johnson compete in College Slam & 3 Point Contest

As we get ready for the Final Four every year, college basketball has its own little pregame party with the College Slam Dunk and Three Point Championship. As always, it’s great to see some of the nation’s best players on the floor one last time, though their not necessarily playing a 40 minute game.

Davidson’s Jordan Barham was invited to participate in the slam dunk portion of the contest while VCU’s Melvin Johnson would be in three point shooting field. Here are some of the highlights from the contest.

Davidson’s Jordan Barham threw this one down in the first round and earned 35 points. He got the assist from, who else, the Atlantic 10’s very own Melvin Johnson. Barham’s dunk elicited support from the Wildcat faithful on Twitter in the form of the hashtag “Barham10.” Even Steph Curry showed some love for his alma mater, tweeting out the hashtag during the contest. Though Jordan Barham did not make it to the semifinal round, it had to have been a lot of fun for the senior who’s now finished his career as a Davidson Wildcat.

Melvin Johnson had a good run in the three point contest on Thursday night. The senior would go out and get 19 points in the first round before advancing to the semifinals. He would get 18 points in the second round, but that wouldn’t be good enough to get him to the finals. That being said, he didn’t fail to entertain. Check out this little shimmy he did after finishing his shots in the semifinal round.

All in all, it was a fun night for the two seniors who got to take the court in their jerseys one last time. Between George Washington winning the NIT Championship, and having two Atlantic 10 players participate in the Slam Dunk and Three Point Championship, it wasn’t a bad day for the Atlantic 10. Devan Douglas from the University of Mary would end up winning the Dunk Contest while Adam Smith of Georgia Tech won the Three Point Shooting Contest. But in case you missed it, the highlight of the night had to be Craig Sword of Mississippi State doing…well…this, in the Slam Dunk Contest.


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