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Week 11 A-10 Women’s Basketball Power Rankings

Major changes this week!!! There’s a new #1 atop the rankings and it is Rhode Island! The Rams had an impressive home win over UMass, as well as over Davidson and Duquesne. Dayton holds the line at #2 while former-#1 UMass drops down to #3. La Salle makes the biggest jump this week as the Explorers went from #8 to #5 thanks to a trio of wins! With a weeker schedule this week, La Salle has a very good chance to get to 6-1! George Mason had the biggest drop this week, taking over last place after a trio of home loses put the Patriots record at 0-5 in A-10 play. But this party is just getting started a there’s a LOT of basketball still to be played! Plus we celebrate a FULL WEEK without a single game postponement *knocks on wood*!

Here’s a look most recent A-10 standings:


1. Rhode Island

Previous rank: #3

Record: 15-3 (5-0)

Past week: W vs UMass, W at Duquesne, W vs Davidson

Upcoming games: 1/26 at UMass, 1/30 vs VCU


2. Dayton

Previous rank: #2

Record: 14-3 (5-0)

Past week: W at UMass, W vs Fordham

Upcoming games: 1/26 at Richmond, 1/30 at Davidson


3. UMass

Previous rank: #1

Record: 15-4 (3-2)

Past week: L at Rhode Island, L vs Dayton, W at George Washington

Upcoming games: 1/26 vs Rhode Island, 1/29 at Saint Joseph’s


4. Fordham

Previous rank: #4

Record: 13-5 (4-2)

Past week: W vs George Washington, W at Davidson, L at Dayton

Upcoming games: 1/26 vs Saint Joseph’s, 1/29 vs St. Bonaventure


5. La Salle

Previous rank: #8

Record: 11-6 (4-1)

Past week: W at Saint Joseph’s, W at George Mason, W vs Richmond

Upcoming games: 1/26 at St. Bonaventure, 1/30 at Duquesne


6. Richmond

Previous rank: #6

Record: 12-7 (3-3)

Past week: W at George Mason, L at La Salle

Upcoming games: 1/26 vs Dayton, 1/30 at Saint Louis


7. VCU

Previous rank: #5

Record: 8-7 (3-2)

Past week: W at Davidson

Upcoming games: 1/26 vs Saint Louis, 1/30 at Rhode Island


8. Davidson

Previous rank: #5

Record: 11-6 (2-3)

Past week: L vs VCU, L vs Fordham, L at Rhode Island

Upcoming games: 1/26 at George Washington, 1/30 vs Dayton


9. Duquesne

Previous rank: #10

Record: 7-11 (2-4)

Past week: L vs Rhode Island, W at Saint Louis

Upcoming games: 1/26 vs George Mason, 1/30 vs La Salle


10. Saint Joseph’s

Previous rank: #12

Record: 6-10 (2-2)

Past week: L vs La Salle, W at St. Bonaventure

Upcoming games: 1/26 at Fordham, 1/29 vs UMass


11. Saint Louis

Previous rank: #11

Record: 5-10 (1-2)

Past week: W vs St. Bonaventure, L vs Duquesne

Upcoming games: 1/26 at VCU, 1/30 vs Richmond


12. St. Bonaventure

Previous rank: #14

Record: 9-8 (1-5)

Past week: L at Saint Louis, L vs Saint Joseph’s, W at George Mason

Upcoming games: 1/26 vs La Salle, 1/29 at Fordham


13. George Washington

Previous rank: #13

Record: 7-10 (0-4)

Past week: L vs Fordham, L vs UMass

Upcoming games: 1/26 vs Davidson, 1/29 at George Mason


14. George Mason

Previous rank: #9

Record: 6-11 (0-5)

Past week: L vs Richmond, L vs La Salle, L vs St. Bonaventure

Upcoming games: 1/26 at Duquesne, 1/29 vs George Washington


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