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WBB Week 14 A-10 Women’s Basketball Power Rankings

With two weeks left in the regular season, things are really starting to ramp up! Not a ton of major changes this week, other than Rhode Island reclaiming their spot atop the rankings. The Rams are the late undefeated team standing, as Dayton fell at home yesterday to VCU. We’ve got a HUGE week of games coming up, headlined by Rhode Island vs Dayton on Wednesday in a game that very well could end up determining the A-10 regular season title. Additionally, UMass hosts Fordham on Wednesday, and Fordham hosts UMass on Saturday. With Dayton, Rhode Island and UMass in the top-5o of the NET, this week presents some enormous opportunity for the both Rhody and Dayton, as well as Fordham to solidify their NCAA Tournament resumes with a Quad 1 victories, while UMass will look for a solid Quad 2 win against Fordham.

Here’s a look most recent A-10 standings:


1. Rhode Island

Previous rank: #2

Record: 20-3 (10-0)

Past week: W at Saint Joseph’s, W vs Fordham

Upcoming games: 2/16 vs Dayton, 2/19 at Richmond


2. Dayton

Previous rank: #1

Record: 19-4 (10-1)

Past week: W at Saint Louis, L vs VCU

Upcoming games: 2/16 at Rhode Island, 2/19 at Fordham


3. UMass

Previous rank: #4

Record: 20-5 (8-3)

Past week: W at St. Bonaventure, W vs George Mason, W vs Duquesne

Upcoming games:  2/16 vs Fordham, 2/20 at Davidson


4. Fordham

Previous rank: #3

Record: 16-6 (7-3)

Past week: W at Rhode Island

Upcoming games: 2/16 at UMass, 2/19 vs Dayton


5. VCU

Previous rank: #5

Record: 12-8 (7-3)

Past week: W at Dayton

Upcoming games: 2/16 vs St. Bonaventure, 2/19 at George Mason


6. Richmond

Previous rank: #7

Record: 14-11 (5-7)

Past week: L vs Davidson, W vs La Salle

Upcoming games: 2/16 at Duquesne, 2/19 vs Rhode Island


7. La Salle

Previous rank: #6

Record: 12-11 (5-6)

Past week: L at Richmond

Upcoming games: 2/16 vs Davidson, 2/19 vs Saint Louis


8. Saint Joseph’s

Previous rank: #T-8

Record: 9-14 (5-6)

Past week: L vs Rhode Island, W at George Mason

Upcoming games: 2/16 at Saint Louis, 2/20 vs George Washington


9. Davidson

Previous rank: #T-8

Record: 13-11 (4-8)

Past week: W at Richmond, L at Saint Louis

Upcoming games: 2/16 at La Salle, 2/20 vs UMass


10. Duquesne

Previous rank: #9

Record: 9-15 (4-8)

Past week: L vs George Washington, L at UMass

Upcoming games: 2/16 vs Richmond, 2/20 at St. Bonaventure


11. Saint Louis

Previous rank: #12

Record: 7-14 (3-6)

Past week: L vs Dayton, W vs Davidson

Upcoming games: 2/14 at George Washington, 2/16 vs Saint Joseph’s, 2/19 at La Salle


12. St. Bonaventure

Previous rank: #10

Record: 12-11 (4-8)

Past week: L vs UMass, L at George Washington

Upcoming games: 2/16 at VCU, 2/20 vs Duquesne


13. George Mason

Previous rank: #13

Record: 8-15 (2-9)

Past week: L at UMass, L vs Saint Joseph’s

Upcoming games: 2/16 at George Washington, 2/19 vs VCU


14. George Washington

Previous rank: #14

Record: 9-14 (2-8)

Past week: W at Duquesne, W vs St. Bonaventure

Upcoming games: 2/14 vs Saint Louis, 2/16 vs George Mason, 2/20 at Saint Joseph’s


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