VCU wins Atlantic 10 All-Sports Award

Saint Joseph's grabbed the biggest trophy this past athletic year but it wasn't enough to carry the Hawks athletic department into the league's overall top-5.

Saint Joseph’s grabbed the biggest trophy this past athletic year but it wasn’t enough to carry the Hawks athletic department into the league’s overall top-5.

It was a banner year for A-10 basketball. Six teams advanced to the NCAA Tournament with the Dayton Flyers soaring all the way to the Elite 8. The Billikens took the regular season title while the Hawks lifted the hardware in Brooklyn and both SLU and VCU cracked the AP top-10 during the regular season.

But athletic departments are more than just men’s basketball. The conference’s highest profile sport may hog the headlines but that doesn’t stop the league office from handing out the trophies outside of the Barclays Center each March.

We got out our quill and ink, put a few lumps of coal on the fire and got to number crunching to see how successful the conference’s athletic departments were from top to bottom this past academic year.

We tabulated the scores by taking the points earned in each sport (12 for first, 12 for second, etc.) and dividing them by the number of teams participating in those sports — just as they do in a conference such as the SEC that awards all-sports awards.

Team Part Points Score
1 VCU 179 124 0.6927
2 Duquesne 168 110 0.6547
3 Umass 193 119 0.6165
4 Dayton 173 106.4 0.6150
5 Richmond 159 96 0.6037
6 Saint Louis 196 115.5 0.5892
7 George Mason 215 123.4 0.5739
8 Saint Joseph’s 197 110.9 0.5629
9 George Washington 176 94.5 0.5369
10 LaSalle 223 105 0.4708
11 Fordham 207 86.9 0.4198
12 Rhode Island 189 76 0.4021
13 St Bonnaventure 158 54 0.3417

VCU led the conference due to strong showing in both their men’s and women’s sports, ranking first overall among men’s teams with a score of .7386 as well as fourth in on the women’s side with a score of .6483. Saint Louis was the only other program to rank in the top five on both sides but finished fifth in each. Duquesne finished first overall among women’s sports with a score of .6863, which helped carry them to a second place overall finish.

Team Part Points Score
1 VCU 88 65 0.7386
2 George Mason 95 64.4 0.6778
3 SJU 88 58.4 0.6636
4 Richmond 59 38.6 0.6525
5 SLU 85 51 0.6000
Team Part Points Score
1 Duquesne 110 75.5 0.6863
2 Dayton 102 67 0.6568
3 Umass 119 78 0.6554
4 VCU 91 59 0.6483
5 SLU 111 64.5 0.5810




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