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TBT Preview and Prediction: Red Scare vs Golden Eagles Alumni

It’s the Final Four, and your Red Scare team is ready to roll.  After dismantling and avoiding a near-collapse against House of Paign, the Red Scare takes on a team that are TBT veterans, the Golden Eagles Alumni.  This team, who comes from Marquette, is a TBT powerhouse.  They have been to the Final Four of the TBT the last two years.  They have won at least 2 games in each TBT that they have been in.  They even got to the championship game in 2019, losing to Carmen’s Crew.  Basically, this team is hungry.

Let’s see who’s on this team and what they are all about.

Meet the Golden Eagles Alumni

The Golden Eagles team starts with Darius Johnson-Odom.  DJO is a former 2nd round draft pick that went overseas to have a very successful career so far.  He is a 6’2″ shooting guard that can score any way possible.  DJO had 18 and 21 points in the first two games.  He’s not much more than a scorer.  Shut him down, and you got a great chance to win the game.  Ironically, he’s not a starter.

This team has two other big studs that can also turn it on and score at will.  Dwight Buycks is their other shooting guard, who has put up 12 and 19 points, respectively.  He’s also a good rebounder, averaging 5 boards a game in TBT 2020.  The other dude for them is small forward, Jamil Wilson.  He has put up a good showing so far in TBT, putting up a double-double in game one and 15 points in game two.  Both Buycks and Wilson are starters.

The other three starters are Maurice Acker, Elgin Cook, and Derrick Wilson.  Acker and Cook put up good enough numbers to contribute, but are definitely the glue guys that find a way to contribute during the game.  Wilson hasn’t scored a point yet in either game for the Golden Eagles.

On the bench, aside from Johnson-Odom, are Mo Carlo, Andrew Rowsey, Luke Fischer, and Jarvis Williams.  Carlo is their other big man, along with Jamil Williams.  Both players are 6’7″.  Carlo will put up a few points and grab a few boards.  Rowsey doesn’t play a lot and doesn’t score.  Fischer is the tallest dude on the team at 6’11” but hasn’t been a big factor at all, scoring no more than 4 points and not pulling down more than 3 rebounds in any game.  Williams is a great 7th man that can score.  He has 9 and 8 points in their first two games, along with 4 rebounds in both games. Only three guys on this team are not former Marquette players.

All together, this Golden Eagles team, like the Red Scare, has good team chemistry and has played with each other before. They are a TBT powerhouse, usually beating opponents bad except for this year, but, nonetheless, they are winning convincingly.  They are a deep team with three star players.  In their first two games, they have kept their opponents in the game with only single digit leads, but were able to close it out in the end.  This team is hungry to get back to the final.



The one way I see this Golden Eagles team being exposed is down low.  They have the shooting guards to put teams out of the game from deep or from creating their shots by driving to the basket.  Otherwise, they have only one guy above 6’7″, and he doesn’t contribute a lot or play very much.  As for the Red Scare, they have the size on many of their players to guard these guys as well as attack in many different ways on offense.  I believe this is a great game for Trevor Thompson at 7’0″ to put up big numbers and Jalen Robinson to be a big part of the game at 6’9″.  This is also a great match-up for Devin, Trey, Chip, and Darrell on defense.  The team was able to handle the two studs of House of Paign easily, and I think they do the same with the Golden Eagles.  The Flyers proved through two games that they have multiple guys that can hurt you, and that’s going to be the same story on Sunday.

Red Scare wins, 85-78.  Let’s get that dub.


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