SLU’s Austin McBroom dishes the ultimate assist

Billikens sophomore, Austin McBroom, accounted for 56 assists for at SLU this season, all of which pale in comparison to the one he handed a Saint Louis homeless man earlier last month.

In a YouTube video uploaded on April 6th, McBroom and friend, Blake Carelli, document picking up a St. Louis homeless man named Michael Cheney, then proceeded to show him a day of dignity, driving him to get new clothes, a haircut and a meal, his first in five days up to that point.

“I love playing basketball but at the same time too if you don’t know about me, I love helping people,” says SLU Guard Austin McBroom told Fox News 2 of St. Louis. “So it makes me feel good and my buddy feels good so it’s just something I like to do.”

Cheney had apparently been stranded in St. Louis on his way to Amarillo with no money or ID.

After the YouTube video went viral, Katie Thumann of Place for People recognized the man, and through the help of her organization have been able to get him back on his feet and into a new apartment.

It’s plays like that that will make it hard to root against McBroom as he looks to lead a rebuilding Billikens squad next season, even if he’s wearing an opposing jersey on your home court.

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