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Saint Louis Has a Secret Weapon in D.J. Foreman

After a long-awaited arrival, the college basketball season is finally underway. While excitement is in the air, especially for Saint Louis, so is panic. Travis Ford’s comments about having a long way to go seem to ring truer now than they did in September. After the Billikens let Southeast Missouri back into a game and winning by only 10 points, to a team they should have embarrassed, made fans a little more skeptical about this hype-filled season.  While a little doubt is warranted, especially coming off one of the most talked about offseasons in SLU history, fans can rest assured that they have an unsung hero to keep the team afloat when the going gets tough in D.J. Foreman.

Foreman doesn’t get the amount of buzz a lot of the other players get and probably will continue to fly somewhat under the radar in his senior season with the team. However, he is the perfect piece to have in the Billiken arsenal to bolster a talented lineup and the type of player every team needs to make a successful run.

Foreman showed both his talent and resiliency last season when he was called upon to step up after the tough 2017-18 season after Jordan Goodwin was suspended, as if learning a new system after transferring from Rutgers wasn’t enough on his plate. While many players would have struggled after sitting out a full season and then playing on a roster that only had seven players dressed each night, Foreman showcased a versatile game that excites both his team and fans.

Foreman is the spark plug a team needs off the bench as he can step into multiple roles to fill gaps when stars are having off nights. This was put on display once again when star big man, Hasahn French, only made one shot the entire night. Instead, Foreman was able to step in and contribute 12 points in 22 minutes on opening night. Foreman has shown in the past that he can bring the ball up, drive the lane, rebound and defend multiple positions on the floor. He is a jack of all trades on the court and his athleticism provides SLU with a player they can play in relief of either a guard or forward and still give a good number of minutes. He is an Energizer bunny on the floor and plays with an intensity and passion that is unrivaled for someone with the natural talent he possesses.

Another aspect of Foreman that is overlooked is his presence. As a senior, Foreman isn’t just a veteran presence, which is valuable in and of itself. He is battle tested, both fighting through adversity with drastic rosters changes and health issues. To make the transition he made from Rutgers to a team that forced him to lead last minute is no small feat. Foreman serves as a great example to the multiple transfer students and young players on the roster that you can succeed in any situation you find yourself in and still get your team to where you want to be. Even after dealing with ailments such as hip surgery, a foot injury, back problems and even a heart arrythmia, Foreman has shown the fight and determination to get through health issues that could have had him throw in the towel on his college basketball career. Instead Foreman met each roadblock head-on and played through the pain to help his team every step of the way.

Although the spotlight hasn’t shined as bright on Foreman as it has for a lot of SLU’s players, he is a player who will come in handy as the season gets tougher. Foreman has shown time and time again that he can handle just about anything thrown his way and will not only improve SLU across the board, but inspire the other players to step up their game no matter what challenge they may be facing. Foreman has all the intangibles a team can ask for and will be a player Travis Ford will be grateful to have on his side. Look for D.J. Foreman to be the glue that holds this machine together as the grind of the season carries on and the stakes get higher.

Aaron Burg is a 2014 graduate of Saint Louis University and currently lives in Dallas, TX. Originally from Minnesota, he also writes for FanSided's Du...