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Red Scare’s Late Run Defeats Big X in TBT

The Red Scare looked a little rusty, but they were able to put on a run down the stretch to beat Big X 77-68 on Wednesday afternoon.  Darrell Davis led the team with 15 points.  Ryan Mikesell “chipped” in 14 of his own, including the winning 3.  Louisville’s Ryan McMahon and Ohio State’s Trevor Thompson both added 12.

Here’s a few takeaways from this game:

Oliver was very rusty.

That was a game to forget for Devin Oliver, who was expected to be the best player on the team and maybe the court today.  DMO somehow ended with 9 points for the Red Scare, but he was 2-6 from two and 0-5 from three.  He did go 5-8 at the free throw line to earn most of his points.  Red Scare might have been able to weather the storm without a big contribution from Oliver, but they can’t have that from him if they want to keep winning in TBT.

The Honorary Flyers are a great contribution.

Ryan McMahon and Trevor Thompson were great additions by Gruden and Bonsu.  Thompson started and was able to match Big X’s big man Nick Ward.  Thompson is a big dude at 7 feet tall, and he went 2-2 at the three point line. That’s huge.  McMahon was known in college as a three point specialist, which would come true today as the Cardinal shot 4-7 from three.  Those two make this team even better.

Darrell Davis is still hitting big shots.

Baby D was on fire today with 15 points, including probably the most important back-to-back threes of the game during the Elam Ending to get the Red Scare within 2 points of the win.  He shot 60% from three and 100% from the free throw line.  He was the best thing to a go-to guy that the Red Scare had all afternoon.  He has officially sold himself as the second most important player on the team.

Chip and Trey are still the best glue guy duo in basketball.

Ok, maybe not in all of basketball, but they are up there.  Ryan Mikesell and Trey Landers were known as some of the best glue guys in the country last year for Dayton, and they were definitely that and more today.  Landers did a little bit of everything today with 7 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, and a steal.  Literally the definition of glue guy stats.  Chip was a little more effective scorer with 14 points, especially from three, but he was also great defensively and provided that extra support on the wing and inside.  Expect more of that moving forward from both these guys.


Up Next

The Red Scare plays the winner of Carmen’s Crew (Ohio State Alumni) and House of ‘Paign (Illinois Alumni).  That game is on Friday, July 10th at 4:00 PM ET on ESPN


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