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Predicting Saint Joseph’s A10 Record for 2020-21

After much anticipation the Atlantic 10 has finally released the conference schedules for men’s basketball. I have compiled a non-scientific and biased prediction for how Saint Joseph’s University will perform this season in the Atlantic 10. To some it will read like a Christmas wish list, to others a window into the future…

The Predictions

These predictions only include Saint Joseph’s Atlantic 10 games since the program has yet to officially announce their entire non conference schedule:

vs VCU: L

@ URI: L

@ Saint Bonaventure: L

vs Saint Louis: L

@ Davidson: L

@ La Salle: W

@ George Mason: L

vs George Mason: W

vs Richmond: L

@ Duquesne: W

vs Saint Bonaventure: L

vs La Salle: W

@ Dayton: L

@ GW: W

vs Davidson: L

vs UMass: W

@Fordham: W

vs URI: W

Conference Record: 8-10

As the season has approached I have continued to beat the drum and proclaim that this team is better than last year. This has to be a season where Lange’s scheme translates to wins. An 8-10 Atlantic 10 record would put the Hawks right around the 8th through 10th spot in the conference standings.

This would be considerable improvement from a year ago. Nonetheless, fans should still be skeptical of the idea that relentless 3’s are the path to an improved record. Lange is a smart coach, expect the team to pivot away from the excessive three ball if the roster can’t find a rhythm. This team has the talent to diversify the method in which it scores points!

Overcome Doubt and Skepticism

Still, the way to overcome doubt and skepticism is to win on the court. Saint Joe’s has to beat the teams they are supposed to beat. The prediction above reflects them doing just that. This team will start out slow as the athletes learn to synchronize with one another. But, by the end, they will find a rhythm and allow their talent to win games.

Overall, Saint Joe’s needs to demonstrate that the scheme can work. They don’t have to win the conference, they just have to take care of business. In the end, Hawk Hill will be happy if Saint Joe’s can beat up on La Salle, UMass and Fordham and upset a good team or two.


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A former D1 Athlete at Saint Joe's, Tony has earned both Undergrad and Graduate degrees from SJU. As an athlete, he was apart of a A10 team title. As ...