Postseason Atlantic 10 Top 25 Player Countdown: #9 Charlie Brown Jr.

Welcome to A10 Talk’s postseason Top 25 player countdown where we’ll be breaking down the best players in the Atlantic 10 this past year, as voted on by our staff. Each day, we’ll release a new article as we unveil our list. Today, we start with #9 Charlie Brown Jr. of Saint Joseph’s.

What he did

It would be very plausible to make the case that Charlie Brown Jr. was one of the best, if not the best player in the entire conference this season. But, as with what happens when the team struggles, he has found himself at number 9 on our list.

That being said, this season was quite an amazing one for Brown, as he ended up averaging 19 points and 6 rebounds per game for the Hawks this season. This after coming back from an injury that held him out the entire season last year. While we could go through everything he did this year, it is best to look at the game that most summarized his year at Saint Joseph’s. In their first game of the A-10 tourney, he single handedly led the Hawks to victory over Duquesne, as the Hawks tied their season high for the year in points at 92.

Brown finished the game with 28 points, 8 boards and 4 assists, and played the entire contest. His efficiency was through the roof as well, as he finished the game 10-14 from the floor. It was the eighth time that he scored over 25 points in a game this year, and just showed his ability to be a playmaker once again.

What he’ll do

Unfortunately for the conference, they have seen the last of Brown in a Hawks uniform, as he had decided to declare for the NBA draft. That being said, Brown definitely has the opportunity to have a successful career when he enters the pros. His body type, standing at 6’7, is exactly what the NBA is looking for.

Combine that with his ability to drive and shoot threes, and Brown truly can be considered one of the most pro-ready players to leave the A-10 for the NBA over the past two or three years.

While his run at Saint Joseph’s has come to an end, it is certain that he has all the makings for a successful career at the next level, and it will be exciting to see how it all plays out.

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