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La Salle Looking For True Leading Scorer

La Salle will be looking for a true leading scorer to emerge as they begin the A10 Tournament.

La Salle did not finish the season as they would have hoped. After defeating Duquesne by 20 points on February 24th some thought that maybe the Explorers were on the upswing. However, the loss to George Mason completed a conclusion to the regular season that saw La Salle drop 5 of its last 6 games, and not in the form that they would be hoping for heading into the A10 tournament.

No La Salle Player Averages Over 10 PPG

All season this team has been searching for a true scoring leader to emerge, and they just have not been able to find that. Many players have shown flashes of their abilities to be the main offensive threat, but the Explorers are still searching for someone to take the reigns.

Sherif Kenney is the leading scorer for the team at the moment, averaging 9.9 ppg. However, the next three scorers behind him on the roster all average between 8.8 and 9.8, so the differential between them is near nonexistent. The evenness between the top 4 scorers at La Salle is so unique that all 4 of them this season have scored a total in the range of 210 to 228 points throughout the course of this season.

Some Other Candidates

One of these players, freshman Jhamir Brickus, could be the guy that La Salle fans can expect to make the jump that so many have been hoping for. Brickus posted 3 games in the month of February with 15+ points, and being just a freshman it is expected that he will be able to take some steps forward next season. Brickus also leads the team in assists and steals, both by a fairly large margin.

Jack Clark is another player who has emerged from this team as a candidate, showing many great glimpses throughout the season. The Redshirt Sophomore has recorded 11 games in double-figures this season.

Final Takeaway

No matter what, La Salle fans can be happy with the fact that the core of this roster is a young one, and it can be expected that this team will be able to make a lot of improvements for next season. But for now their eyes are set on the A10 Tournament, and should particularly be looking for who will step up and become the true leading scorer for this team. And who knows… the A10 Tournament would be the perfect place for that to happen.


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