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Hoop Ten’s 10 Stats: Davidson 87, Saint Louis 96

Hoop Ten’s 10 Stats is a series on Hoop Ten Harbor that looks at some of the most interesting statistics regarding games in the Atlantic 10 conference. Our site uses Kenpom to look at some of the intricacies of the games across the A10. Today, we’ll take a look at Saint Louis’ home win over Davidson on Wednesday night. The Billikens had an incredible offensive performance in order to pull the upset over Davidson.


5 is the number of consecutive games that Jack Gibbs has scored 25 points or more for the Wildcats. He has literally been doing it all as of late. He’s been an offensive juggernaut, but he’s going to need to get contributions from his teammates if the Wildcats want to start doing better in the Atlantic 10.


6 is the number of rebounds and assists that Jermaine Bishop had on the night for the Billikens. In addition to scoring 23 points on the night, Bishop was active on the glass and distributing the ball at a high level on Wednesday night. He’s beginning to prove himself as a complete player in the Atlantic 10 conference.


7 is the number of giveaways that each team had on Wednesday night. The matchup between Saint Louis and Davidson did not feature many turnovers, hence the high scores on both sides. The Wildcats had 3 steals, all coming from Jack Gibbs, and Saint Louis only managed 1 on the night.


12 is the number of rebounds that Saint Louis’ Reggie Agbeko pulled down on Wednesday night. This marks a season-high for the junior who was ferocious on the defensive glass. Though his contribution was great, the Billikens will need to get better rebounding from more players in order to get extra possessions.


13 is the number of offensive rebounds the Wildcats had in comparison to 4 by the Billikens. Despite getting 14 more shot attempts than their opponent, the Wildcats were unable to get the win in St. Louis. Peyton Aldridge had 5 offensive boards for the Wildcats.


21 is the number of free throws that the Billikens were able to knock down on Wednesday night. They went 21-26 (80.8%) overall, getting a good showing from the foul line against the Wildcats. Davidson went 15-18 (83.3%), failing to get to the line as often.


Jack Gibbs tallied an impressive 26 points for the Wildcats, but it just wasn’t enough to stop the dominant Billikens. Though Gibbs has shown that he can put points on the board all season long, Davidson needs to switch its focus to the defensive end of the floor if it wants to start winning games.


27.8% was Davidson’s three point shooting percentage on Wednesday night. The Wildcats were unable to get much going from behind the three point line. Brian Sullivan shot 4-10, Jack Gibbs went 2-11, and Peyton Aldridge went just 1-6. Davidson likes to live or die by the three, and last night, it was the latter.


50 is the number of points that Saint Louis’s Ash Yacoubou and Jermaine Bishop combined to score on Wednesday night. The two were relentless on offense for the Billikens, scoring more than half of Saint Louis’ points on 12 made field goals.


96 is the number of points that Saint Louis put up against Davidson. The Wildcats’ defense allowed the Billikens to shoot 24-39 (61.5%) from the floor en route to a dominating offensive performance. 96 points is the most that Saint Louis has scored in a game all season. In fact, it was their first time breaking 80 since their season-opener against Hartford back in November. Even more impressive, it was the Billiken’s highest scoring total since joining the Atlantic 10 conference.

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