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Heart and Hustle: Meet Jordan Goodwin

When you think of rebounding, what comes to mind?

A forward or center grabbing ball after ball that clanks of the hoop? I’d think so. Well, think differently for one player in particular.

Meet Jordan Goodwin. Someone who is willing to leave everything on the court, scrap after every ball, and not be content with being a “normal” guard.

Let’s start with the stats. It was pretty remarkable for a 6’3″ guard to average a double-double. He ended the season with an average of 15.5 points per game, 10.4 rebounds, and 3.1 assists. Try to think of a guard who ended his season with a double-double. I’ll wait.

Something that is so special about Goodwin is that he won’t give up on a play. For instance, he will be driving to the hoop, and miss a shot. He won’t be a normal player and just sit there for the ball to come back to him; he’ll put his nose down and snatch away the ball from a much larger and, quite frankly, stronger player. He will then proceed to attempt to score again, but no luck. It just depends on how much he’ll pad his stats because, ultimately, he will get the bucket.

Also, he brings it on the defensive end. And it’s nonstop. He is such a pest to his opponents because he winds up in their grill 24/7. Either he is picking up half-court, beautifully, or he is carrying the squad on zone defense. It’s amazing to see Jordan bother the living daylights out of other players. In addition, he won’t stop on defense until he is satisfied with what he has gotten. Goodwin will go until he steals the ball, produces a turnover, or draws a foul. He won’t stop, and he never will.

Jordan Goodwin is one of a type of player. The Billikens are super lucky to have another year with this kid. However, imagine how hungry he is in his senior campaign. It’s hard to imagine that his stats are going to be better than his junior year, but he just doesn’t disappoint.

Meet the most underrated and undervalued guard in the entire nation, folks. Jordan Goodwin is ready to put the college basketball world on immense notice.