Get to Know Osun Osunniyi

“Get to Know Osun Osunniyi” is the first part of a multi-article interview series with incoming players in the A10. The series will give fans a chance to get to know their newest stars before they take the court.

Last week, the Bonnies completed their recruiting class by signing Osun Osunniyi, the highly touted center from Putnam Science Academy. I got the chance to catch up with Osun, and to see what his thoughts were on the recruiting process, his game, his future at Bona, and more.

JR: You played your best basketball at the end of the season, including a 27 point, MVP performance in the National Prep Championship game. What clicked for you?

Osun:  The whole year we faced adversity and never gave up, so we kept the same mindset. At first I was rushing my shots and overthinking everything. During the 2nd half I just slowed down and never got down on myself and I helped my team get back in the game. I honestly felt like any shot I took would have went in.

JR: We know the final three schools that the decision came down to (Syracuse, Georgetown, and Bona). Who were the other schools that were interested in you after you reopened your recruitment?

Osun: Pittsburgh, Maryland, Hofstra, St.Johns, Penn State.

JR: Did Kyle Lofton already being at Bona influence your decision?

Osun: A little, knowing he was going there was an added bonus.

JR: What was your favorite part/memory of your recruitment?

Osun: My favorite part was experiencing the visits at the different schools and seeing the campuses. 

JR: Ultimately, what made you choose St. Bonaventure? You mentioned them making you feel like part of the family from the first second you arrived, how did they go about this?

Osun: Just how I was welcomed by everyone. The players that I met treated me like I was already on the team.

JR: What are your basketball goals at Bona?

Osun: My goals are to become the best player that I can be by developing and following the plan the coaches have for me. Also, to help the team win every game and ultimately try and win a National Championship. 

JR: What part of your game do you feel is your biggest strength?

Osun: My defense, that is my main factor. I’ve always been told I have great timing when it comes to blocking shots.

JR: What are looking to improve on this year?

Osun: I’m looking to improve on my defense and my offense. Just trying to become a very versatile big.

JR: Have you had any contact (besides with Kyle Lofton) with the rest of your recruiting class?

Osun: I’ve talked to most of the guys in my recruiting class.

Rapid Fire Questions…

What do you plan on studying?


Favorite basketball player?

   Russell Westbrook

Favorite basketball team?


Favorite pre-game snack?

   Peanut Butter and Honey sandwich

Favorite pump up song?

   Newark Dance Anthem, i listened to it before the national championship game

Role model?

   My Grandfather. I’ve always looked up to him and he helped me out a lot when I was younger with life lessons.

Yanny or Laurel?

   I honestly hear both

Favorite TV show and movie?

   TV Show: Family Guy

   Movie: Iron Giant

What’s something people don’t normally know about you?

   I didn’t take basketball seriously until the middle of my sophomore season.

What’s something you want Bonnies fans to know about you?

   I’m outgoing and funny and I like to have a good time.

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