Game Previews

Game 6 Preview – Harvard

Game 6 Preview – Harvard


Fresh Start!

Well if I told you that Loyola would go 0-3 in the MTE this past week I would say shock is not the only word that could come up. Confused is my main state of being, as the talent is out there on the court but just is not translating to wins. Tough battles back in Chicago might have been less of a prep but more of a peek into some of the troubles that could come up. Reality is this is a new team, yes brand new team we got on our hands. Six seniors graduated and a few transfers out Drew and the team had roles to fill.  2-3 in reality is tough but not a position a fresh start can’t change out against Harvard. 


Main Storyline For This Game:

Just Win Baby! That is the goal of getting back to that winning feeling. I hope no one on the roster has any food comas like I do from Thanksgiving dinner, so I expect to see a better orchestrated offense. By slowing the tempo down, Loyola needs to take advantage of not forcing a pass on offense to limit turnovers. A trend for opponents to have high points of turnovers is something the team needs to start addressing. The Ramblers have 7 more non-conference games left including today, so by getting on top of some of these issues now will help when A10 play comes. So yea the team has got into a tough pickle through 5 games but being able to make adjustments at halftime is what the game is all about. Learning from mistakes can help find the answers we need and pull off a nice run before the new year rings in. So I dare say again JUST WIN BABY!


Hot or Not and Whom to Watch:

HOT: Not really a shocker but Phil Alston has been a bright spot, especially over the last 3 games. From big time dunks to consistent scoring games, Phil has shown that his offensive strengths are a real benefit to the team to find their winning ways. Then with his high flying blocks Phil could really be a full dynamite option on both ends of the court.


NOT: This is a team game so when the team is averaging over 20 turnovers a game its a team issue. Yes some players are averaging more and some less but ball control starts when all 5 guys on the court are in sync. A true understanding of how important a good pass and being in the right spot helps eliminate this constant issue the Ramblers have been dealing with. 


Game Time, Broadcast Info, Ticket Availability 

  • Date: Friday November 25 at 1:00pm CT
  • Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Watch: ESPN+
  • Listen: Ramblers Sports Network


Probable Starting Lineups:



G: Braden Norris

G: Jalen Quinn

F: Saint Thomas

F: Phil Alston

C: Tom Welch


By The Numbers:

  • Points Per Game
    • Loyola: 64.6 points/game
    • Harvard: 72.0 points/game
  • Points Allowed Per Game
    • Loyola: 73.4 points/game
    • Harvard: 68.6 points/game
  • Interesting third stat
    • Loyola: First ever game against Harvard. 
    • Harvard: Current first-year Crimson assistant coach Larry Farrmer is the son of Larry Farmer, Jr., who spent six seasons (1998-2004) as head coach at Loyola.