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Game 4 Preview – Boise State

Game 4 Preview – Boise State


Intro/History Between Teams:

The Ramblers are in their second game of the Myrtle Beach Invitational. After a very disappointing game 1 look for Loyola to step up and fight hard for a critical win. 

Loyola and Boise State have a brief history and part of it I know many Rambler fans would most likely want to forget. Back in 2014 Bosie first met Loyola at the Las Vegas Classic MTE, where Loyola took the championship by only 3. Then in 2017 for the MVC- Mountain West challenge, Boise whipped the Rambler with a 87-53 win. Let’s hope after yesterday’s game the team moves on and finds their winning ways. The main focus for this game is to get to 1-1 for the MTE. 


Main Storyline For This Game:

Clean ball movement the team had a lot of nice opportunities looking for the open man underneath the basket but failed to collect and finish at the rim. Hopefully today’s game we see a more complete passing game. Being able to execute the pass can really have Loyola dictating the pace of play and helps prevent the opponent from an easy bucket off a turnover down the other end. Look for a slower tempo to also help bring the scoring down on Boise State, after giving up 80 points last night. 


Hot or Not and Whom to Watch:

Not: TURNOVERS! Yes it is capitalized because this Loyola team has averaged 21 turnovers per game. 21 let that sink in, not something you want to be proud of. There are many areas of the game that can trend to be bad, but turnovers are not something Loyola can mess around with. By giving the ball over to the other team it tends to lead to points off turnovers for them. So far over 3 games Rambler opponents are averaging 27 points off turnovers. Cut that in half even, and Loyola stays 3-0 and a known need for buzzer beaters or late game heroics. 


Hot: Tom Welch and Phil Alston consist of power forward play so far now on the offensive side. Tom is as we know doing very well from field-goal, I am not going to say it. Then with the high flying athleticism of Phil Alston these two could be a lot of trouble for Boise today. Lastly, for a great team direction the Ramblers have been shooting at a great level from 2P% which can propel a scoring opportunity. 


Game Time, Broadcast Info, Ticket Availability 

  • Friday, November 18, 2022 at 8:30PM (CT)
  • LISTEN: Rambler Sports Network


Probable Starting Lineups:

G: Braden Norris

G: Jalen Quinn

F: Saint Thomas

F: Phil Alston

F/C: Tom Welch


By The Numbers:

  • Points Per Game
    • Loyola: 74.7 points/ 3 games
    • Boise State: 59.7 points/ 3 games
  • Points Allowed Per Game
    • Loyola: 76.7 points/ 3 games
    • Boise State: 61.0 points/ 3 games
  • Interesting third stat
    • Loyola: 21 TO per game so far 
    • Boise State: Buster Bronco would get crushed by Lu Wolf