Former Duquesne guard Mike Lewis II commits to Saint Louis

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    Mike Lewis II is coming home. With the announcement coming almost out of the blue, the St. Louis native and former Duquesne guard has committed to Sai
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    Pretty wild what has happened to him – coach leaves Duquesne, transfers to Nevada, coach leaves before he even gets to play. Hope he’s immediately eligible.


    I’m not too surprised he left Nevada given Musselman took off. I’m more surprised he committed to Nevada in the first place… I think it was pretty obvious Nevada was going to go through a huge transition with a ton of seniors graduating (I think they were the 2nd most experienced team in the country), and Musselman was kind of bound to jump on any Power 6 opportunity out there. Glad Lewis is coming back to the A-10! SLU seems like a good spot.

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