Jan 19, 2020
If you are like me, you may get up early in the mornings on the weekend, turn on NBC Sports Network or Peacock (what a horrible name for a streaming service btw), and watch the English Premier League. We call it soccer, they call it football. Whatever, it’s all the same.
Looking around the A10 twitter-sphere, I’ve noticed many of our fellow fans are also watchers of the EPL. What is great about being an American watching the EPL is that you can pick whatever team you want to become a fan of and the reason really doesn’t matter at all. You could be like me and be an Arsenal fan because you always randomly got them when picking teams playing FIFA on XBOX. You could like Wolves because it’s a badass name and logo. You could have seen a team play at some point in your life here in the states or across the pond and decided to become a supporter. Whatever that reason is, you are hooked and now a member of the A10-Premier League twitter community.
Because of this, I sat down and tried to...

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