Jan 19, 2020
Once again, Dayton had to fight off an end of the game surge from the Northern Kentucky Norse, 66-60. I’m just going to jump right into the takeaways I got from this game.
They are what they are.
It’s game three. In a normal year, we would say “Let’s just wait and see, it’s early.” Well, the non-con is 5 games, so there’s no waiting to see anything else. This is the team Dayton is going with. That is both good and bad.
The good part is that we know what the team looks like, at least for the foreseeable future of this season. The rotation is a mixture of Crutcher, Chatman, Watson, Johnson, Tshimanga, Blakney, Sissoko, Nwokeji, and Wilson. Regardless if you agree with who in this list should or should not be out there, that’s what we have seen on the court in all three games so far. Don’t expect anything different until you see something different.
Now for the bad…there is not a variety of depth.  There’s only three main scorers:  Crutcher, Watson, and Johnson. Personally, I...

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