Jan 19, 2020
We are in some weird times right now.  No sports whatsoever, meaning no March Madness.  Why couldn’t corona virus pick a different time to do this?  Why did it have to happen to March Madness?  These are the questions that we will never get answered.  Life goes on.
With no March Madness, or sports in general, many of us are looking for something to watch.  There is only so much Netflix that you can watch before you want to scream at your TV about #Messica or that lady who fed her husband to a tiger.  Luckily, there are many podcasters and fans around the college basketball universe that have created March Madness simulations as a last hurrah, if you will.  Now, these simulations do not give you the right to go bragging about if your team won, because there’s no reason to do that.  This is all in good fun, and that’s where you should leave it.
I researched many of these simulations over the past week to give you the best ones to watch or at least keep an eye on if you are like me...
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