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Dec 30, 2019
St. Bonaventure
So movafucking doubt a Bannedwagon stalwart.... honked me, the Bevelators and the members of the A10 SBU Forum on the A10 Tournament thread. This worthless movafucker has demonstrated his profound lack of knowledge and appreciation of critical SBU history. As I pointed out..... lest he think I was woofin' everyone.... the Dev Riot did actually occur on April 29 & 30, 1967 and it gave rise to the Hawaiian Numbah (Don Ho) which I have written about numerous times. The BV became fully digitized within the last year or two and I've located the front page BV article (lower left columns) which describes the riot and touches on Don's superb Hawaiian contribution to SBU's musical legacy (right up there with Unfurl). So here's the link in case ya'll missed it on the A10 Tournament thread...


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