Jan 1, 2020
This morning our friend Jon Rothstein compared the Dayton Flyers to the Beatles, likening Anthony Grant’s 13th-ranked group to the fab four because every road game is an “event”. He might be on to something.
So far the Flyers have been a serious boost to their two A-10 opposition’s attendance, drawing roughly double the average attendance at both Saint Joseph’s and La Salle with a huge Chaifetz Arena crowd on deck tonight.
But shouldn’t their band comparison be represented by a band from their area? Of course not. But that will do just fine as a decent enough lead in to my breakdown of the best band from the city/area of each of the current 14 Atlantic 10 schools.
Davidson – Jodeci
Charlotte close enough? While realistically I probably enjoy DaBaby more, Jodeci’s “Freek’n You” is largely responsible for the boom in Charlotte births for the year of 1996 and is a great karaoke song when you want to really impress someone. That gives them a slight edge over DaBaby, who...
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New member
Jan 19, 2020
John Legend is from Springfield, OH, which is a suburb of Dayton. So he should win.