The Bannedwagon Thread


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Jan 6, 2020
St. Bonaventure
Hey guys I heard via the Bannedwagon that there's a cure! If you shit in your hands, THEN rub it in your ears, say St. Francis' prayer 20 times and THEN kick a volleyball over Falconio Hall you have a chance to be cured. IF you perform everything in it's proper order, Tom Gleason should magically appear and place his fingers in your shit stained ears. He will then recite the following mantra of transcendence:

With myrtle wreath we'll deck thy brow,
Bonas, old St. Bonas.
The verdant leaves our love avow,
Bonas, old St. Bonas.
Thy name was ever fair and bright,
We'll keep it thus with memory's light,
And laud thy glorious brown and white,
Bonas, old St. Bonas.

Our hearts shall ever be thy shrine,
Bonas, old St. Bonas.
Around thy name shall honor twine
Bonas, old St. Bonas.
E'er hallowed shall thy memory grow,
Though years have fled and years shall flow,
Within our souls thy love shall glow,
Bonas, old St. Bonas.

The only caveat is once Tom cures you he will be transformed into a phantom that follows you around for the rest of your life. The bannedwagoner who posted this said he got it from Trump University's facebook page. Worth a try?
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