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Nov 16, 2019
Less than one calendar year removed from finishing the season ranked third in the country, the Dayton Flyers find themselves in a unique situation. After losing two of their last three games to the likes of Fordham and La Salle (a feat I never before thought possible), the Flyers are reeling. No need to worry, tough, this is a small setback for a team with last year’s National Coach of the Year at the helm, right? Wrong. One bad game on the road every now and then is expected in college basketball, but Dayton’s issues cut deeper. The Flyers have looked entirely lost on offense for long periods of time in each of their eight games this season. Coming off an abysmal 54 point performance against Fordham, Dayton’s poor play on offense can no longer be excused. Had this been a “rebuilding” year, the cause for concern might not be so substantial; but with four highly regarded seniors and a group of talented freshmen, Flyer fans are left questioning those in charge of leading this team...

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