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Sep 18, 2020
With all due respect to La Salle, the main event of the Saint Louis University Billikens Men’s Basketball team’s revenge week is tonight. At 7pm ET/6pm CT, the Billikens take on Jalen Crutcher and the Dayton Flyers at Dayton on the Flyers’ senior night. Crutcher has ruined a lot of Billikens’ nights over the past 4 years, and SLU has a chance to gain retribution on his Senior Night and show that their 76-71 home loss earlier in the year to Dayton was a COVID-pause related fluke.

SLU brewing up revenge against La Salle and Dayton this week pic.twitter.com/SXBLftoXJG
— Jack Godar (@JackGodar) February 15, 2021
Tonight’s game isn’t just about revenge, however, but a must-win game for SLU’s at-large hopes. SLU only has three games left before the A10 Tournament takes place, and they are all extremely tough, must-win games. Dayton is simply the first on the list...

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