Jan 19, 2020
There’s so much twitter rumble out there right now about Luka Garza vs. Obi Toppin for the Player of the Year award.  I think we as fans of the A10 want to see Toppin win, but Garza is putting up an outstanding season as well.  Myles Powell is going to be in the conversation and most likely one of the finalists, but it seems that the talks for him have died down over the past couple of weeks.  The two names that remain talked about are Luka Garza and Obi Toppin.
I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m going to be as objective as possible because let’s be honest, no one is buying that.  I’m a Dayton fan, through and through.  I can remain objective on the A10; I’ve done it all season.  But for this prestigious award, there’s nothing I can do to persuade the reader that I’m going to be objective on my vote between Garza and Toppin.  Of course I would vote Obi Toppin if I had a vote.  He’s my guy.  However, I will definitely put my research in as to why I believe he is the...

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