Off Topic - Best Band/Musician from Every A10 City


Dec 29, 2019
St. Bonaventure
I like the best band/musician piece. Perhaps it's unfair to broaden things to Western New York, but that's what the Bonnies consider their home turf. I'm not sure about bands/musicians from the "Greater Olean" area, but there are some pretty good ones from Western New York. The author of the piece chose the Goo Goo Dolls from Buffalo, which is a fine choice. Even closer were the 10,000 Maniacs and Natalie Merchant from just down the road in Jamestown (not to mention Lucille Ball, also from Jamestown). Others of note include Rick James and Ani DiFranco from Buffalo, and Cab Calloway, Lou Graham (Foreigner), Chuck Mangione and Mitch Miller from the Bonnies' second home, Rochester. I actually rode the elevator once with Mitch Miller back when I lived in Rochester.
Dec 29, 2019
St. Bonaventure
Here's my list

St. Bonaventure - all of Western New York is Bona-territory, so it has to be legendary Buffalo punk's Every Time I Die
Dayton - the hyper prolific lo-fi rock band Guided By Voices
Davidson - The Avett Brothers are from like one county away so I guess them
Duquesne - dumb and funny as hell punk band Worlds Scariest Police Chases
Fordham - Alynda Segarra who fronts the genre-bending folkish group Hurray for the Riff Raff is from the Bronx
George Mason - minor threat
george washington - Fugazi (i dont know many dc bands lol which is why we get 2 consecutive mackaye bands)
La Salle - Philly has a lot of great bands, so I'm doing one throwback, The Hooters
St. Joe's - and one modern act, The Menzingers (with honorable mentions to dead milkmen, the wonder years, man man, and beach slang)
UMass - Gotta agree with the original post that its Dinosaur Jr., but i would say that Dinosaur Jr has had one of the most amazing comeback careers of any musical act ever, and seem to be getting better with each album, even as they approach 40 years of activity
URI - As a Providence area native, I would be remiss not to say its the What Cheer? Brigade/Downtown Boys, but since URI is in the south of the state, you gotta go with the iconic Bruce Springsteen knock-offs, Jon Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band
Richmond - Strike Anywhere
VCU - Smoke or Fire (richmond has such an amazing punk history)
Saint Louis - The Bottle Rockets are from the greater St. Louis area I'm pretty sure


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Dec 5, 2019
Ohio Untouchables & (Ohio Players) from Dayton. Ohio Players may not be from Dayton but called it their home for some time and played plenty of gigs there before they made it big.

Edit: The Ohio Players were there far before my time, but my grandfather and father were fans and are the source of my claim.

P.S. Drake drove through Dayton a few times does that count???
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Jan 18, 2020
Certainly the greatest band from Dayton is Guided by Voices. There are other good bands but really no one else is even close