Manhertz a Finalist for UNCW AD Gig

What have we done to make the MBB job more desirable once Schmidt leaves?
This is a great point. We as the Bonaventure community need to make sure that the MBB team has the facilities, NIL, and support to remain competitive and attract the best coaching candidate bonas can whenever Schmidt decides to leave.
We need to make sure the administration understands this and the AD can make it happen.
Without these things we could be fucked in the future. Look at the issues SUNY Amherst has replacing its coach. They can't get anyone when 2 or the last 3 coaches there got P5 jobs. And it sounds like the reason is shitty facilities and no fan or school administration support.
If we don't get those things right the future can be worse than getting stood up by Will Brown.

And without a healthy basketball team the whole school suffers.