Hi Everybody, Thanks for the Welcome


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Nov 23, 2021
Hi, everybody! I'm the founder and administrator of the Loyola Chicago message board, Ramblermania. What a shock it was on November 16 when I got a tweet saying we were future members of the A10. We're very excited to be moving to the A10, but little bit worried about how the logistics will work out.

Ramblermania started in 1998, when we were struggling mightily to stay out of the bottom tiers of college hoops. The name Ramblermania came along in 1999 and was intended to be ironic, but we fought hard to make the program relevant and held on long enough to see some genuine, actual "Ramblermania."

Personally, I have some connections with the A10 and the various markets around the league. I spent many of my pre-teen and early teen years in Richmond in the 1970s. I went to Manchester and Thomas Dale High Schools (Chesterfield County), and my brother went to VCU. While a teen, I hung out at WDCE (the U of R radio station), and I started working at Richmond's album rock station, XL-102, in 1979. Two years later I was at DC-101 in Washington where I worked for a year and a half with Howard Stern. So I'm familiar with the Richmond, VCU, George Washington, and George Mason campuses.

While I was attending Loyola, we had LaSalle, Duquesne, Dayton, and Saint Louis in the conference. Davidson, St. Joe's and Fordham have played at Loyola over the past several years. Stretching it out way out further to include just about everyone in the A10 universe, my mother and grandfather were born in Massachusetts, my great grandmother was born in Pascoag, Rhode Island, and her brother (my great, great uncle) was the Mayor of Worcester, Mass.

By the way, thanks for the kind welcome almost everyone has shown since the announcement.


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Nov 20, 2019
So we are definitely counting Loyola making the dance as an A10 bid this year right?... I mean someone has to save us from being a zero bid league.

Also welcome to A10 talk.


Jan 19, 2020
They absolutely count as a bid for us. Also I'm shocked Loyola hasn't been kicked out of the MVC tourney for this year, essentially getting the James Madison treatment.