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Nov 16, 2019
On this forum, the goal is to maintain reasonably intelligent discussions about college basketball, the Bonnies, St. Bonaventure University, and college athletics at large. Unfortunately, that means some posts or threads that are ignorant (look up the actual definition of this word), irrelevant, harassing, or just plain uninformed will be deleted or moved. Such posts and threads reflect poorly on the site and the contributors in general. Accordingly, moderation is necessary to keep out the noise. Most contributors here have seen what happens when message boards go un-moderated (Howdy, Bonas08 and elitetaylor33!). It becomes a disorganized gutter filled with sniping rhetoric and partisan posturing.

1. Remain civil with one another:
  • It is alright to critique each others’ ideas (ex. “That idea is illogical.”).
  • It is not alright to attack each other personally (ex. “You are an ass blood.”).
  • Avoid being a spiteful contrarian.
  • Do not argue about points that are irrelevant to the topic/thread at hand.
  • Do not present your opinion(s) as fact. Use qualifiers.
  • No baiting other members into arguments.
  • The forum is intended for the free exchange of ideas, and it is perfectly fine to get a little bit abstract at times, but expect people can disagree with you. If you stray too far off topic, just take it to the—wait for it—“Off Topic” subforum.

2. We like to get greasy sometimes, but try to maintain a minimum level of class.
  • Do not use racial, gender-biased, or homophobic slurs.
  • Profanity is fine, but try to avoid using it without meaningful emphasis (ex. Eric the Midget from The Howard Stern Show). It suggests a shitty vocabulary and shittier writing skills.
  • Do not post graphic or obscene images.
  • Absolutely NO text-message shorthand/chat speak/SMS lingo. Shove your “lol” up your asshole.
  • Bonafide is pretty much allowed to do whatever he wants. He has been grandfathered in.

3. Respect the Bonnies and their recruits.
  • Keep in mind: many of our players (including their families, friends, and former coaches) and recruits browse this type of forum.
  • It is fine to comment on players’ strengths and weaknesses on the court, but NEVER attack them as human beings. These are our guys, and they are, in the end, just SBU students like many of us were/are.
  • That said, discussion of off-field transgressions (if they are actually fact-based and in the news) is fine; do not speculate on unknowns that could be interpreted as slanderous to a player’s character).

4. No political talk or spamming.
  • This should go without saying, but some people, as we have seen on the Bannedwagon, just do not understand. Keep the “good causes” and fundraising stuff on the “Off Topic” subforum.

5. DO NOT infringe on copyrighted material.
  • If you are going to copy/paste snippets from an article, then you should ALWAYS cite the author and publication from which the content originated.
  • NEVER copy/paste entire articles. Simply provide the brief section that is relevant to your post, and then provide a link so readers can access the entire article.
  • Embedding videos, images, GIFs, etc. is fine.

6. Starting new threads.
  • Please check recent posts before you establish an entirely new topic.
  • If there is already a topic on your issue, then do not start a new one, for heaven’s sake!
  • It is okay to start a new thread involving big news… even if the subject is being discussed in its infancy within another thread. Basically, use your brain.
  • If you are going to START a new thread, then we expect a high level of grammar, spelling, capitalization, and relevance in the subject and ensuing first post.

7. Inane questions.
  • Try to do the TINIEST bit of research ( before asking a question.

8. Straying off topic.
  • It is fine to discuss any relevant topic you want here, but if you feel like your topic is becoming an entirely new discussion, just start a new thread (assuming it is relevant to the forum in which you are posting).

9. Enemies.
  • If you are, or have ever been, an adversary of The Bevel, Bevelators, or LesterGreen, then do not bother registering for this forum.
  • Instead, go to, type “Stone Cold Steve Austin middle finger” into the search bar, and press the “ENTER” key on your keyboard.
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Dec 29, 2019
This is hardly fair. Sure, bonafide has one of the tightest, creamiest assholes any of us (and some of the priests in the western ny region) have ever seen. But why is he alone allowed to wax poetic about his anus in horrifying detail while the rest of us can only use broad brushstrokes to describe our various BMs, franks, beans and manboobs?


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Dec 30, 2019
Thanks for grandfathering me in........and I'm sorry if there is envy regarding my hot, tight, creamy asshole which is doing much better following the Cream Ale induced shart episodes. Talking about sharts... and as long as we're on the topic... I'm gonna be posting about The Day Olean Sharted so stay tuned.

BTW....the Bevel is always open and welcoming to folks from the Bannedwagon and the A10 Forum. Here's the link......