Dec 4, 2020
Photo Courtesy Fordham Athletics
Fordham has been no stranger to roster adjustments so far this season. Following the game against St. Bonaventure, in which Darius Quisenberry went down with a leg injury, Fordham would once again have to readjust their style of play without their leading scorer. In their second game against Duquesne, Fordham doubled down on their intensity in the paint without Quisenberry. Ohams and Tsimbila once again formed the starting front court, while Josh Navarro, Kyle Rose, and Antrell Charlton rounded out the starting five.
In his fifth start in Fordham’s last five games, Kyle Rose was a major presence for the Rams right from tip. Scoring the game’s opening bucket on a driving layup, Rose set the tone for how intense Fordham would operate in the paint on both ends of the floor. With Quisenberry out, and his efficiency beyond the arc along with it, the Rams had to adjust to relying on post scoring. Luckily for Fordham, they had Duquesne well...

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