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Dec 4, 2020
In a game where seemingly nothing went right, it’s hard to pinpoint what the killing blow was for the Fordham Rams. From almost right after tip-off, it seemed like the La Salle Explorers had complete control of the game, opening with a 5-0 lead that would only grow throughout the course of this game. Offensively, it seemed as if the Rams barely learned their lesson from their loss to George Washington on Wednesday.
Despite a second half that saw decent ball movement, the first twenty minutes of the game saw possession after possession of dumping the ball to Joel Soriano to the low post to either lay it in or kick it out to the corner for a Ty Perry brick. There were a couple decent shot opportunities throughout the game, but the Rams once again could not connect, especially from deep, shooting 4-for-27 beyond the arc.
While Joel Soriano notching a double-double in seven of his last eight games for the Rams (a stat that extends back to last season), it’s hard to be impressed when...

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